Hello  Quo!

We asked fans to send in questions for Alan G. Parker, the director of the Quo documentary Hello Quo!

Nuka from Greenland asked:
This is the real Status Quo playing together again for the first time in 30 years. Impressive how well they play after such a long time. The filming and sound is perfect with great production. Do you consider making another DVD with them playing live sometime in 2013?

I start my next movie with another group in late November 2012 and that will take up about 18 months of my life, so I would think that unlikely… I’m proud of what we did though…
Luke asked:
Is there any unreleased footage from Milton Keynes?

There is footage from Milton Keynes, and that in itself was a nightmare! Because the master-tapes burned down in a London warehouse fire, in the early Nineties… However, we tracked down a very good bootleg, so all was not lost! I wouldn’t be expecting a DVD release sometime soon…
Gembers asked:
After seeing and enjoying the clip from the reunion jam on Jools Holland ...my question is. Was the set list in place before the jam started ?? if so who was the set list down to?

There was no set-list, it really was just a free for all jam session! We had great advance warning though so I had a dozen HD cameras in the studio, as you’ll see on the DVD/Bluray extras, everything that happened that day we are passing on to you…
John Murphy asked:
How hard was it to persuade Alan and john to take part and to get them to play with Rick and Francis?

Once we knew that all four of them were actually up for being in the movie, and speaking frankly about their whole history, the rest became easier… It was Alexa my Producer who first thought up the jam session, once we knew Alan was flying in the UK for his interview… The rest was pretty easy…
Norbert Hirzbauer asked:
I would like to ask you why your documentary about the best Rock Band ever is Not coming in the German cinemas on the 22.10. of Oktober ?

The European release of the movie is all going through a company called Studio Canal in Germany on November 29th, so you don’t have too long to wait! Over here in the UK the film is with Anchor Bay who did their deal first, thus they will release sooner… As regards any re-union I’m not involved in any of that, for you guys ‘Hello Quo’ is something very new, but for us we left it in May and have been busy working towards the next movie…
Robin asked:
What did you think you would find most interesting when asked to do this film, and what actually did you find most interesting after you completed the film?

At the beginning I knew we were the first ever documentary with full access to The Frantic Four, so it was their story I wanted to get right… The real bones of the rock n’ roll story… Now that it’s complete, and I’ve seen it over 60+ times, what with various viewings and mixes, I like the fact that the length of it never gets boring, it’s constantly moving…
Jeppe Lauritsen asked:
Does you know what drummer Pete Kircher is doing today?

Pete was contacted, as was Jeff… But Pete didn’t want to be in the movie, he has finally got his privacy back and a successful business, so I understand his position… He's very happy and wishes the movie and the fans nothing but best wishes… He wrote my Producer a very nice letter which has been passed onto Quo…

Alan G. Parker

Peter Eames asked:
1. How long did it take to make the Film and what extra items are featured in the 2 set DVD Collector's edition?
2. What tracks did Status quo Perform in the jam session that is featured on the Extra's Question
3. Are you pleased that you made this film?
4. Will you continue to work with Status Quo?

1) We started filming on August 2nd 2011 and completed our shoot on December 18th 2011, although we did shoot three extra, none band related, interviews in Jan 2012. Our edit started in January 2012 and was finished in May 2012.
2) DVD/Bluray collectors edition also includes;
The Frantic Four Re-Union @ Shepperton Studios
Alan & Francis in South London
Rick & The Harrison Twins at Butlins (including another re-union!!)
Francis interviewed backstage in Brighton
Francis & Rick interviewed backstage in Bournemouth
Alan G Parker/Alexa Morris interview
Including the movie that’s about 6 hours in total! So cancel a Sunday, and get that phone switched off!!!
3) I’m very pleased with the film yes, and that I made it… Also I think with my track record (Monty Python/Sid Vicious/The Jam/The Clash) on films a few people might be shocked that I got the official Quo movie… But I enjoyed what we did…
4) I won’t continue to work with the group no, as I said earlier we are now getting ready to move on and start movie number 11… And we are very excited about that…
Nigel Mears asked:
how do you rate the upcoming documetary compared to other work you have done?

I guess thus far I was most proud of ‘Who Killed Nancy’ (Soda Pictures) and ‘Monty Python: Almost the Truth, The Lawyers Cut’ (Eagle Entertainment), which are also my first two cinema films, my previous work was for TV or DVD… ‘Hello Quo’ I think is a big step in that it was outside my comfort zone to some degree, but I love what we’ve done and when Bob Young and Rick Parfitt both tell me its brilliant on the same day, well, that works for me… Rick said it was the best Quo doco to date.
Neil Gallagher asked:
1. How did the whole film project start? Who approached who?
2. How did you go about tracking down unreleased footage? Can you tell us if the whole Milton Keynes concert still exists?
3. Is Colin Johnson in the film?

The Frantic Four

1) Following Python I was tired, 9 full length documentaries in seven years will do that to you! So I took 2010 for the most part off… We brought the team back together in early 2011 and did some work on another idea which never came to light… Quo was something that first got mentioned to me at a gig in Blackburn on the 2010 Christmas tour when I was visiting my family, by March 2011 we were in talks with Simon and the rest is history…
2) Milton Keynes no longer exists, see my answer above… All the footage that we used was tracked down by Alexa Morris (my Producer) and Margarita Doyle (my Line Producer) once I’ve decided what I want…
3) Colin isn’t in the film no... Although I do know him.
Christian Pröckl asked:
1. What was the most difficult thing in the making of the Movie?
2. Why is a big KISS Fan doing a Documentary about a Band he is not THAT much into?
3. Could you think of doing a Quo Live Dvd/Bluray (with lots of Backstage Material)? So, another Quo "Movie" or Concert

1) Apart from the fact that 2 hours and 25 minutes might seem like a long time! Try squeezing 50 years into them!! Not much time at all really… It was a rollercoaster ride I’ll tell you that much...
2) A big KISS fan is doing his job and working.I do like Quo they have been in my life for many years… I think if a big Quo fan made this movie it would be 8 hours long and never get finished!! Sometimes you just need some space…
3) No, I think I’m all Quo-ed out for now… When you’ve done something like this it takes up an awful lot of your time and your life up, so afterwards you walk away to some degree… In something like 3 or 4 years, I’ll be able to watch ‘Hello Quo’ just like you without viewing it as work related…
Michael Wilkins asked:
How much fun was it for you to do this movie and were you a fan of the band prior to beginning the project.
Also are you prepared for the Message Board backlash about any little thing the Hardcore don't like. Believe me it will happen.

The movie was great fun and we really enjoyed making it... I own all the Quo albums and a few bootlegs, so it might be more than other people! Got my first Quo album in 1978. As regards any kind of message board backlash it won’t really be a part of my world, I’m not on there and it’s all opinions anyway… How does the old Billy Connolly line go "I don’t come to your place of work and show you which way up to hold that brush!" … So y’know… At the end of the day we just put a movie into the Amazon Top 10 six weeks before it was released… That works for me! 'P' asked:
How come theres no details about exact where the film will have premier? I Will travelled from Sweden so I must know.

Honest answer is that I don’t know?? I make ‘em… But I don’t market ‘em… As I said earlier for us the next movie is the main thing at the minute.
James Batchelar asked:
What was the atmosphere like at the reunion jam?
Were Andy, Rhino or Matt in attendance? Either way, what do/did they think about it all?
What was the sound in the room like?
How long was the total film before the final edit?
Is there any more material that will make bonus footage etc in the future?
Do you think there will genuinely be a reunion tour with Alan and John?

1) Good, very happy… Alan looked like his first day at school… Over-joyed I’d say they were…
2) Andrew, Rhino & Matt weren’t there no! So I don’t know what they thought…
3) Excellent, it’s the old sound stage owned by The Who, as featured in ‘The Kids Are Alright’
4) The first cut viewed by Bob Young was about 5 hours long, something like that…
5) Not a clue!

Adam Beer asked:
Were Rick and Francis a pain to work with?

I thought they were a right laugh to be honest… Rick and his ‘Melvins’… Francis and the pigeon called ‘Sid’… You couldn’t make it up!

The Frantic Four and Alan

Simon Cory asked:
What was the atmosphere like when the 'frantic four' met together for the first time in over 30 years?

Apart from the fact that it was a cold, horrible, rainy day… The actual atmosphere between the group was incredible…
Dr Lee asked:
During your time working with the band putting this documentary together, what was the most genuinely surprising thing you personally discovered about Status Quo?

To be honest I was most surprised just how frank they were… Normally when you see that it says ‘official’ documentary, it’s been edited to hell by management… We were given a very free hand, and I think that honesty shows on screen…
Andy Chesterman asked:
Did you have complete control over content for the film, or were you provided with a brief on what the film must include?

There was no real brief on what needed to be in… I think it just became more obvious once we started that the crazy rock n’ roll story was in The Frantic Four… That’s taking nothing away from Andrew, Rhino or Matt who were all very helpful not only with their interviews, but with the film…
David Hobbs asked:
When you were filming the reunion jam, were you of the opinion that it was viable for the "Frantic Four" to do some live dates?

I think it could happen yes… They looked like they were enjoying themselves…
Alex Taylor asked:
Will any of the live quo footage (end of the road/rock till ya drop/live alive quo etc) ever see the light of day on dvd? and did you get the chance to use any of it in the movie?

Not sure if it will or not? We did use some End Of The Road, but those masters no longer exist…
Ian Bell asked: Just wondered whose idea it was to get the original line up back together. Was it going to happen anyway or was it something that you wanted for the film? If the latter, how did the band react and was it a decision that came easy?

The idea to get The Frantic Four back together came from my Producer Alexa Morris As I stated earlier.
Michele Lynds asked:
What was your favorite thing, about working with Quo?

It was a good laugh, we met some great people on the road… Last years Christmas tour… And pulled in some great interviews from outside the camp
Lisa MacLeod asked:
Please could you tell us if possible, if the film will be circulated to any cinemas in SE London, and if so, when we will know where we can go and see it.

As I said earlier, I make them but I don’t market them… As soon as anything is known I would guess that you will know…
October 17th 2012