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Leon Interview on Metalliville Webzine

Quo's drummer Leon Cave is interviewed by Glenn Milligan, editor of Metalliville Webzine.

Show Day At Westfalenhalle

This time-lapse video of a show day on the current Bula Quo tour with Quo and Uriah Heep was taken by one of Quo's lighting crew Dan Oswald at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund on 13th Nov 2013!

lhnbula13_sm Bula Quo Live! at London's 02 and the Sporthalle 02, Hamburg

Abbey Road - Live Here Now recorded two shows on the 2013 Bula Quo winter tour - Hamburg on Nov 12th and London's O2 on Sunday December 15th.

Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper The Bula Quo! Premiere

A great night was had by all at the Bula Quo! Premiere at the Odeon West End in London's Leicester Square. Thanks to everyone that bought tickets in support of The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer and Nordoff Robbins Bula Quo! premiere and film reviews, press and images arehere
Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper Bula Quo! Premiere - 01-07-13 - Images by Simon Cooper
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Photography by Simon Cooper

Status Quo Quo reach 100 singles!

The world knows that Quo have had a longer career than almost any other band ever, but who would have thought that would get to 100? The band's new single 'Bula Bula Quo' is their 100th in an incredible series that began with ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ back in 1968.

Francis said, "One hundred singles seems incredible even to me, and I recorded them all! When we started out, we would have been happy to survive a couple of years in this business so to reach this milestone is unbelievable."

Rick Parfitt added, "We always joke that you’d get less time for murder but, in all honesty, we’d like to thank all the Quo fans all over the world who have sustained us on what has been an amazing ride."

Status Quo Reunion - March 2013

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Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo
Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo Status Quo
Photography by by Simon Cooper -

Quo Quo Quo Quo Quo
Quo Quo Quo Quo Quo
Photography by by Danny Clifford -

nordoff-robbins     As Ambassadors for Nordoff Robbins for the past two decades Quo fully support the launch of the Nordoff Robbins fairsharemusic page.

You can instantly download your favourite songs at the same time as donating to the work of Nordoff Robbins transforming the lives of vulnerable children & adults through the power of music.

It works just like any other download site, has loads of Quo songs and albums and Nordoff Robbins will receive half the profits from any track or album you download.
Fair Share Music

Andy Bown - Unfinished Business Andy Bown - Unfinished Business

Andy Bown's fantastic solo album 'Unfinished Business' is now available from all good record sellers.

Andy Bown Site

Amazon iTunes Spotify

Francis Rossi - Live at St Luke's - CD, DVD & Blu Ray

Francis Rossi's new solo set "Live at St. Luke's, London" is released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats by Edel's international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK & Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. As well as the full concert, the DVD and Blu-ray boasts excellent bonus features.The DVD has an interview with Rossi, plus the promo video for the 'Faded Memory' single.The Blu-ray has a behind the scenes documentary, which also features interviews, plus the promo video.

CD at
DVD at
Blu-ray at
Mp3 album download at
DVD and Blu-ray at

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

A Quo charity of choice - to find out more go to:

Target Telecaster Facelift Rossi Telecaster Facelift Parfitt Telecaster Facelift Rock with Target
Quo Telecaster Facelifts!

Available now from Guitar Facelift, Rick's 'Target' Facelift.

Also available are Rossi and Parfitt Telecaster Facelifts.

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