Status Quo Contacts
Management: Simon Porter / Duroc Media Ltd.
P.A: Ilona Sawicka
Duroc Media Ltd.
Publicity: Chris Hewlett
Chris Hewlett PR & Artist Management
Agency: Neil Warnock
The Agency Group Of Companies.
361 - 373 City Road
London, EC1V 1PQ
Quo Merchandising: Global Merchandising Services Ltd -
Fan Club: From The Makers Of...
P.O. Box 1770
SO15 9FQ
Photography Christie Goodwin, Simon Cooper, Gert Ohlsson, Rick Van Gerven, Dave Coulsion, and many others.
Web Site: SecondWave
Quo Digital: WMA Agency
Please read the following before sending email:

Due to the number of requests, we are no longer able to send autographs by post, with or without stamped addressed envelopes etc.

Quo have a policy of not doing dedications during shows, this is also due to the number of requests, as to do some but not others would be unfair.

Please do not write asking for backstage passes. 'Meet and Greets' are only available through competitions on local radio, TV and in the press.

We do not sell Quo albums, DVDs or videos.

Tour dates are announced on the site as soon as they are confirmed and contracts are signed. Please do not ask if Quo will be touring a particular venue/city/country etc.

Due to the high amount of email received we are unable to answer all emails sent to the site.

Emails asking any of the above questions will not be replied to!

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