Status Quo - Deluxe Editions#1

‘Hello’, ‘Quo’ and ‘Rockin' All Over The World’

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Status Quo are delighted to announce the release of deluxe expanded 2 CD versions of a trio of classic albums that were released on the revered Vertigo label, namely ‘Hello’, ‘Quo’ and ‘Rockin' All Over The World’. These special editions are issued by UMC, on 4th December 2015. These carefully curated special releases come with an enhanced booklet containing new notes by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling and also feature rare photos and memorabilia from the band’s personal collection.

‘Hello’ contains the band anthems ‘Roll Over Lay Down’, ‘Caroline’ and the live classic ‘Forty Five Hundred Times’. The album was originally released in 1973. This version has been mastered by Andy Pearce with the assistance of ‘5th band member’ Bob Young from the original tapes and has a bonus disc featuring three unreleased tracks from the band’s archive as well as alternative versions of ‘Caroline’ and a live track recorded at Reading Festival 1973.

‘Quo’ is another one of Status Quo’s finest albums – originally released in 1974 and boasting a slew of the fans’ live favourites it is rightly regarded as one of the band’s best early records. Also mastered by Andy Pearce with the assistance of Bob Young from the original tapes, ‘Quo’ comes packaged with a bonus disc of a live concert from the band’s archive of a show from Paris L’Olympia.

‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ was originally released in 1977 and contains the title track, unquestionably now the band’s anthem as well as a clutch of other stone cold Quo classics. Again mastered by Andy Pearce with Bob Young, this title now comes with a bonus disc featuring a new remix of the whole album by original engineer John Eden as well as 4 unreleased bonus demo tracks from the band’s archive. The remix by John Eden really brings a fresh approach and life to these tracks – the band themselves loved these new versions and look forward to some feedback from the fans!

Exclusive to the Official Store, everyone who pre-orders one of the Deluxe Editions has the chance to win a Meet & Greet and a pair of tickets to see Status Quo at a show of their choice during the Accept No Substitute 2015 Tour.

These releases are fully supported and endorsed by the band members, past and present – and represent a triumphant revisiting of the glory days of one of the world’s most important rock acts.

Press Release - September 2015

Quo - Deluxe Edition


1. Roll Over Lay Down  
2. Claudie
3. A Reason For Living
4. Blue Eyed Lady
5. Caroline
6. Softer Ride
7. And It's Better Now
8. Forty-Five Hundred Times

1. Joanne - Single
2. Caroline - Original demo (fast) 1971 [Previously Unreleased]
3. Caroline - Original demo (slow) 1971 [Previously Unreleased]
4. Don't Waste My Time - Reading Festival
5. Caroline - Mono
6. Caroline - Stereo Edit
7. Is It Really Me / Gotta Go Home - Dublin National Stadium [Previously Unreleased]
Quo - Deluxe Edition


1. Backwater
2. Just Take Me
3. Break The Rules
4. Drifting Away
5. Don't Think It Matters
6. Fine Fine Fine
7. Lonely Man
8. Slow Train 

      DISC TWO
1. Lonely Night - Single
2. Junior's Wailing - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
3. Backwater - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
4. Just Take Me - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
5. Claudie - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
6. Railroad - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
7. Roll Over Lay Down - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
8. Big Fat Mama - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
9. Don't Waste My Time - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
10. Roadhouse Blues - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
11. Caroline - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
12. Bye Bye Johnny - Paris L'Olympia [Previously Unreleased]
Quo - Deluxe Edition

Rockin’ All Over The World

1. Hard Time
2. Can't Give You More
3. Let's Ride
4. Baby Boy
5. You Don't Own Me
6. Rockers Rollin'
7. Rockin' All Over The World
8. Who Am I?
9. Too Far Gone
10. For You
11. Dirty Water
12. Hold You Back 

1. Hold You Back [Previously Unreleased]
2. Baby Boy [Previously Unreleased]
3. Rockers Rollin' [Previously Unreleased]
4. Who Am I?  [Previously Unreleased]
5. Rockin' All Over The World [Previously Unreleased]
6. Dirty Water  [Previously Unreleased]
7. Can't Give You More [Previously Unreleased]
8. Let's Ride [Previously Unreleased]
9. For You [Previously Unreleased]
10. Too Far Gone [Previously Unreleased]
11. You Don't Own Me [Previously Unreleased]
12. Hard Time [Previously Unreleased]
13. Dirty Water - 1st Demo 1976  [Previously Unreleased]
14. Baby Boy - 1st Demo 1976   [Previously Unreleased]
15. Hard Time - 1st Demo 1976  [Previously Unreleased]
16. Hold You Back - 1st Demo 1976 [Previously Unreleased]