Rhino's XS Tourlog
Part 2: Hungry
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Isnít it nice to know the world is a safer place since George Dubya took over 4 years `ago, yes indeedey folks, it must be, for he tells everyone he is winniní the warr awn terrr. Yeah right, and I have 36DD tits, and list brain surgery amongst my hobbies. Now Colin Powell, the voice of reason if there has been one in this administration has resigned. HEELPPP!! I know, musician, no brain, interest in politics, should keep your mouth shut etc. however I have 3 kids, and their long term survival would be a nice idea. I just can not believe the Americans voted him in with an INCREASED percentage of the vote. From what I saw of the campaign the one who said God bless America the most was going to win, still thatís Democracy for ya, God bless America and God help us all.

On that bright and cheery item I guess itís aboot time to start on TTLP1986 (the tour log part one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, curiously the year I got married, thrilling huh?)

After a few days off for 3 of us, not the OMORRS, they were doing press, book signings etc we descended on Cardiff like an overweight blimp, well I did. According to Rossi. I was getting changed for the gig, took off me T-shirt and I hear "alright Buddha?" I can take it, Iím just going to cut the brake cables on his car, not touchy or anything, me...

Did the gig, cost me 20 quid though. A few of the Welsh (what a coincidence) regular billy were yawning during Gerdundula, so I gave them some money for a bev so they could go and have one next time they came to a gig when we played it. (OKQZ, itís a pint!xx).

Re the set: It's not my band. At least weíre doing Thinking of You, which comes out on the 22nd of Nov. Unfortunately we werenít playing it at Cardiff. However, (can you start a sentence with however? You can now. I have a frayend thatís Bushese for friend, name of Dame Sid who can answer all you spelling and grammar queries, just let me know) the paying public, and there werenít that many, out of a capacity of 1506 we had 1506 in, what a disappointment, eh to be honest didnít seem to mind no set changes from the last time, in fact they went totally nuts in a very loud way. Thereís a bloke who Iíve seen there pretty much most years, used to bring his son as a nipper, now his son brings HIS son as a nipper, itís great to see that.

On to Gloucester, one of them gym halls, only 1700 in out of a potential capacity of 1700, What can you do? Saw that Becky, another time for a pint will be OK. Billy a bit quieter than the night before, but still mighty fine, and a right steamer in the temperature dept.

Letters On to Middlesborough, where the weather started to get a bit grimmer, drizzle and cloudy, went for a walk, saw a place called Fatsoís sandwich bar, what do they mean? Long time since we played there, not even sure if I have with Quo. If not it was with Judie Tzuke, who I am extremely happy to say is going great guns in the hit song writing department, couldnít happen to a nicer person. Slightly more raucous crowd, couple of really out of it billy, really rubbish security Iím afraid. Lord Salt sorted it in the end, well done that man, give him an OBE (one boiled egg). Sat in the bus at 3am telling Parfitt that he was drunk and I was completely sober, only difference was he hadnít had a drink, maybe it was me, Iíll never know.

Day off in Nottingham, actually felt good, weather fine, so I did something I do on a regular basis and gave blood. Iím serious! Iíve been A DONOR for about 7 years now, itís a really good thing to do, and doesnít take up much of your time, just think, you never know when youíre going to need a pint, which as Tony Hancock famously remarked is nearly an armful. The first thing I said to the nurse who was taking my blood was "Do people ever get woozy doing this?". Next thing I heard was a groan from the girl next to me, it was her first time, she must have heard what I said, couldnít have helped her much as she passed out straight away! Something I said or my buddah like appearance (Iíll get you Rossi!)? Anyway do it, trust me, Iím a something or other.

Nottingham really great, best billy on the tour so far, was one of the first gigs for a long time when the people in the upper tiers were going for it more than the people in the stalls. The sound and everything was tip top, and Letters and me thought Bowners was rather ship shape and bristol fashion, so well done notters on a balmy autumn evening as we sign off from Quo match special, tea and cucumber sandwiches if you please Miss Lyane.

Thinking of You-hoo On to Portsmouth, went for a walk down town with the lovely Cyndy. Such a shame they knocked down the tricorn centre, I have such fond memories of parking the car there with the family when the children were young. walking down the stairs, funnily enough the lifts stank of piss so we didnít use them and seeing 2 kids of about 16 jacking up in a stairwell, one in the process and the other one spaced out with a needle sticking out of his ankle. Lovely... Hope itís better now. By the way I just read that Spalding, which is where Lord and Lady Rockingham live is the drug death capital of the UK. Beth, anything you want to tell us?

Digression... Pompey gig. Not going badly at all, then we started Gerdundula. The guitar I use has been sounding crappo for a while, Wim had fixed it yet again during the afternoon but it sounded even shitter (eh?). I said to the GOMOR during the quiet bit "I feel like smashing this "£$%^&&*(()))_+_+)(* thing up". You know what he said? Well do ya?
He said the magic 3 words "I dare you" so that was that £1200 worth of guitar was duly placed on the riser and will a well aimed kick became an axe of 2 halves (see? football analogy again!). Anyone got any pictures of it let me know, Ďtwas verily a spur of the moment thing, so itís doubtful. By the way, if anybody wants to buy it, weíre going to put it on e-bay soon for charity, and will put a link on the site.

Next day itís Saturday, must be Bournemouth. Apparently theyíre closing it for refurbishment the day after weíre there, so letís smash it up!!!!! Which we didnít, the massed ranks of the Dorset and Hampshire mixed voice choir made their presence felt, Iím at Basingstoke anvil, thatís a good rock sounding name for a venue innit.

I love Motorhead...

Byesey Bye,


Photos by Dave Salt

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