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Part 6: walking...
The Right Rockin' Rev Just went for a stroll in Falmouth, which is where we shall perform this very night, only strolled the 4 and a half hours this time, is it hilly, and am I knackered? Answer to both: Yes.

Before one goes any further one simply must do an unashamed plug for ones' upcoming R****'* R****** /Woodedz show at the Orange. My all singing all dancing new band is the Best!! I could afford... They are no strangers to me, I feel like I've known them since they were born. Which in fact I have, as they are the fruits of my loins, for those of you vat carnt tork proppa, that means they're my 2 sons, Max on drums and Freddie on guitar, and may one say at this point that we kick some serious ass. There are no excuses for non-attendance; someone even tried to get away with the fact they were having their leg amputated that day. "And?" I replied "pull the other one" ho ho. All I will say about it is that we are getting well good, we've done quite a few small gigs recently, and it's rocking out rather nicely thank you, so do come. Or else. Remember big Ron?

OK, OK, I'm doing it...

After Gothenburg, we did Baastad, in the tennis club were they hold the Swedish open Tennis Tournament, right by the Baltic, very chic resort, a bit of a Baastad (ho ho) to get to. The Swedes are, well, different to us, must be all that darkness in the winter makes them go mad in the summer, 'cos they well did. Did you read that? well did. Am I trying to be yoof or what? Did I tell you about the great band I've got wiv my yoof? (p.94)

Next to Skovde, and the worst hotel I've stayed in for a while. It had a sauna in every room, as in it was unbelievably hot. As I was leaving for the gig, a fan came up and gave me a mug with a Rhino horn on it. I thanked her very much, it was a really thoughtful thing to buy and I was quite touched until she asked me for 2 tickets to the gig. What could I do??

On to the lovely town of Ronneby, with the worst backstage you can imagine, even the cockroaches had moved out in disgust at the state of the Dressing? Room, great gig though, only 1 more to go before the obviously very emotional farewell to the Smokies and the Refreshments, you know, big hugs, love you man, let's keep in touch etc. then the minute they've gone; "he's a wanker. He's got THIS much talent" a la Spinal Tap...
Live at Lincoln
As I just said, last gig next day, we stayed in the lovely town of Malmo, trust me folks, don't shop at Lidl in Malmo, it'll cost you a bloody fortune. Mind you, don't shop anywhere in Sweden is my recommendation. I beat Alex, the guitar tech of the Smokies at boules, and as he was the champ before then, I guess that makes lil' ol' me the champ. Lovely day, but it didn't feel quite right. re the weather, and sure enough, just after the Refreshments played their song called hello sunshine goodbye rain, the heavens opened. And I mean OPENED. I was convinced the show would have to be cancelled, but it stopped after about an hour, and thanks to the sterling work by all the crews, Smokie and us played a full set. And that was that, Sweden done. Big high 5 to Hans from Holland, or the Headbang animal as he's known and his son Rowdy, who did all of the gigs, 7000 kilometers (American spelling) in 2 and a bit weeks, takes some doing, well done guys.
Nice one Sweden, let's do it again sometime, and soonxxx

Few days off, then Latvia, we last played there about 12 years ago I think, and Riga has changed so much, it's really stunning, I thought I'd buy an apartment there as an investment, probably about 60 grand for a 2 bedroomed flat in the old city. Wrong! 350 grand more like it, it's going to be such a cool place to go, if it's not already, as I wouldn't know, not being cool, Why, I'm even in the same band as my kids (shepherds' crook appears round Rhino's neck). We played at a seaside resort out of town, when you drive out of Riga you immediately see there's still shitloads of work to do, but I'm sure they'll get it done, gonna be great. Very pofaced looking audience, they took a serious amount of work, Francis was really rock god that night, sometimes he just goes off the scale, and that was one of those nights.

Drive through to Tallin, Estonia, for a day off. And a Saturday!! Let the good times roll, lock up your tea bags, the Quo's in town! Good place for a day off, same as Latvia re changes, lovely weather, I walked. And then I walked some more. And then some more. I should be a picture of health with all the walking ( I said WALKING).

Fantastic gig, at Haapsalu, in the grounds of a castle, a bit special it was, great location, 7000 billy, they loved us and we loved them, brilliant night, met the mayor, who looked abut 9. I'd pass a law to ensure you couldn't be mayor unless you look at least 68 if I were Prime Minister. Which, luckily for everyone I'm not.

Now leave me be peasantsxxx

WOODEDZ - from L to R: Fred Edwards, Some old geezer, Max Edwards
Rhino's Revenge @ The Orange, West Kensington.
Featuring Woodedz. Thursday September 21st.2006
Big Ron says "Be there!"

Pics on this page by Simon Cooper.

except 'Woodedz' by Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse


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