Part 1: Holland and Germany
This week I have been mainly eating European food. That is because I have been on mainland Europe. I am no longer on mainland Europe sadly, but on my way to Northern Ireland, where I shall mainly be eating Thai and Indian. Can anybody tell me what traditional unfried or stewed food there is in Ireland, and for that matter Scotland? Lovely places and all that, but what do you eat? Don't quite see the relevance of that to Blog central, and if I don't, then wow, it must be bollox.

We're on a Chuck at the moment (Chuck Berry-ferry) en route from gay Paree to Belfast, last night Paris, woke up in Stranraer, from whence ye ferry shall verily set forth on ye Irish sea and when we get there I'm meeting my Freddie who's on half term. Freddie is the guitar player in Woodedz and lists being very good looking and a f***off guitarist as one of his hobbies.

Talking of Woodedz, we'd like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you that came to watch us on our world tour, and also thanks to all the people that sent us pics and videos from the gigs for the sites the family album. We all had a flipping marvellous time isn't it, hmm. Serious, we kicked arse, and will only get better. Unless they're (Max and Freddie) snapped up by some other younger bastards, sorry I meant band we'll be doing a lot more next year, including I hope some dates in Europe and an album, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

On to matters Quo, and the beginning of our European tour. Actually before I do, someone wrote to me reminding me I hadn't covered the gig in the West Midlands, at some Rugby club. Grey day, Mickey Mouse stage, looked like a bouncy castle, not that good actually. Support from an Eagles cover band (average) and a Stones tribute band, the Counterfeit Stones. They were fantastic, best tribute band I've ever seen. More people outside watching from the hill than inside I reckon. Horrible gig basically, anyway that was then this is now. Man.

Holland. In at the deep end re the new set, but the Dutch are hardcore, and they just seem to love going Quoing, they give as good as they get. If they're having a good one they let you know, and they were definitely having a good one. ITAN actually didn't go down very well (Quoling you owe me 60p now and I did mean to give you the finger when we started playing it, but you're forgiven). 2 Dutch guys wrote it funnily enough, and it's also about the only country in Europe we didn't have a hit with it in. I didn't understand my grammar then, is it as bad as I thought it will be? It is now. See, juggling tenses like there was no tomorrow yesterday, hmm isn't it? Marvellous.

After a major investment at the Bulldog café in Amsterdam the next day, an overnighter to Friedrichshafen, Germany where Graf was from. Not Steffi, but this heavy duty dudie what built the Graf Zeppelin. I had this soup in an Asian take away called Kung Fu soup. I now realise why they call it that, it's because it has the most almighty kick to it, Bruce Lee would have spontaneously combusted if he'd had any I'm sure. Anyway I digress (really?). Nice way to start a tour, loads of Billy, and Vivian from Switzerland opening up again. Is that a double entendre? Probably not. I think we added 4500 times that night, and ended up doing 1 hour 50 minutes. If that isn't taking the piss then what is, ah?

Yet again, good vibe next night, Hannover, we always seem to do well there, god don't I sound so fucking boring! Jolly hockey sticks, everything's chipper and fab. Actually we all hate each others' guts, Rick's having an affair with a sheep called Blodwyn, I'm really a small household pet, Francis is Japanese and thinks the war hasn't finished, and we all think the French should be eaten alive. Apart from that we're perfectly normal. German tours can in actual fact be quite gruelling, as in I nearly call it work when we're out here. Day off in Magdeberg, literally walked into a Hunderdwasser design project, check out the web site if there is one, it's amazing archi arki artiteck, can't spell architecture, building.

Sparsely attended show, but set settling in nicely. I think we've been doing too much touring in Germany, and I reckon steps will be taken to rectify that shortly, so if you thought you wouldn't come and see us 'cos we're bound to be back soon, bad luck.

Bielefeld next, where one of our songs was written, you know, the one Francis introduces as having been written in a town in Germany can't remember which one, maybe it was Caroline or something. Mighty fine crowd. I did an interview with the UK servicemen and womens paper while I was there, and I just want to say this: while I personally have always been against the war in Iraq, the courage and bravery shown by our forces in Iraq and latterly Afghanistan has been, and continues to be amazing. Not worthy and all that, really.

Boiling hot gig, these longer sets are really hard work, especially when it's mentale in the hot/wet department. Was THAT a double entendre? If that wasn't I'll just have to give you one won't I...

Bremen. Met up with the Morrisses, Wayne Karl and Martin, what a swell bunch of guys they is.
Francis hates the venue, but we had 2800 satisfied customers, I think we're doing something right as the reaction at the end of the show is really amazing. Not because we've finished, before any of you cynics quote that sentence on the message board!

This weather is a worry innit? Like summer in Germany in the middle of October, sheeeut.
Day off in the lovely town of Erfurt, you can really see the changes since the first time we were there, in 1992 I think it was. Best gig of tour, 4000 plus, just the way I like it, loud and hot. That's just my description of me of course...

Köln, or Cologne to us (when will those bloody Germans start to spell their cities properly? What's all this Muenchen bullsheize? It's MUNICH you dolts!!!) Old factory, not bad, bit thin billy wise, about 2000. Listen to me moaning about it, but actually there's millions of acts would tear their own heads off to be playing to the amount of people we do.

Another day off, in MUNICH. Beautiful weather, drank the town dry of cuppa soup, coming to the end of this tour now, so it's all leberkase, bratvurst and bratkartoffeln for the Edwards palate. Unfortunately I now weigh about 170 kilos, the German kitchen could be considered to be a tad on the belly timber side. Luverly doh...

I don't get it. Last year Tollwort or whatever, in MUNICH, 4000 audience, this year MUNICH,1000, I dunno, like I said before, a tour too far I think, top totty though. I just read my mails by the way, and Bernt from Regensburg informs me that this day was also Chuck Berries 80th birthday.

Mainz. Went into town and bought my 12 cases of beer for our new years' eve party, only 8 people coming, so took it easy on the ale supply, Spent all day at the gig, which was nice (NOT!)
After a fairly normal show, which as usual involves all of us going absolutely f****** bonkers for at least one and one half of one hour hours (eh?), it was off to the last show, with a 4 hour bus journey to the next hotel. I know, I'll stay up and drink a few cups of tea, and get a nice kip at the hotel. Wrong. The tea somehow became Rioja Gran Reserva, I loved everyone, oh go on then, just one more, of course I won't be hung over tomorrow. Yeah right...

Last German gig, Lorrach, really weird hall, the floor where the audience are, you know the bit you look at us from had a really big slope going towards the stage, which is that bit we look at you from. What it meant was the bit we look at you from was really high so you could all see from the bit you look at us from, so it was about 3 meters high, weird at the front, especially with a hangover. Twat I am. But you already knew that didn't you? I don't think the first 10 rows saw Matt, who is our drummer by the way. I hated the gig by the way, not for alcohol related bits, just hated it. But you know what? As long as you lot like it, I don't give a f***** f*** (flying fuck) if I don't personally enjoy it. We aim to please. And so should you (dreadful attempt at blokey humour there).

Right piss off. Is that another attemp(p94). Next!!!!

P.S. I just walked down some stairs to the bus, as we're getting off the ferry, and saw a sign: "Beware. Lashings on deck". Lovely...
P.P.S. Bye Germany. Here's to the next xx

Woodedz x2 (top left) by Brian Smith
All other pics on this page by Bobby Plavsic at Lörrach.

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