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Part 3: 6-0 to the Tractor boys 6-0 to the Tractor boys!
Wella wella wella well tell me more tell me more, oh OK then. Captain's log 21b subsection 328. Page 94. To timidly go where no man has ever been this week. That's probably the winning entrant for the rubbish prize (sponsored by Whitesnake and the Scorpions) 2007. I normally have a vague idea of what I'm writing about, but I have no idea about the first bit, so make of it what you will you wild and wonderful people.

I note some of you got Pip Williams off the message board quite quickly, well done, there's no place for anyone that knows what they're talking about on there... Also thanks to those of you who sent me the Eminem song, I didn't know there were so many mixes of it. Sounds like Gardeners Question time doesn't that "We'd like to thank those listeners what wrote in" etc. They wouldn't say what though would they. That or who? I dunno. Do you care?

Anyway, to business as they say. I am in Ipswich, had a day off yesterday, so me and that Toot Carman, stage manager of this parish went to see Ipswich play Bristol City. Oh dear, 6-0 to the Tractor boys, they took the Robins apart, great entertainment for a neutral, but you don't want to read about that do you? Unless you're a Bristol Rovers supporter of course.

Totally changing the subject, as I have known to do on the odd occasion, anybody seen the clip of Woodedz doing an acoustic version of Republican on You Tube? It's also on our MySpace, I think it's a good laugh anyway.

Right. We went to Scotland, and stayed in a fab hotel just outside Perth. It had to be fab as we were only there for about 4 hours, beautiful scenery etc. Played at Scone Palace, with a terrific if you like that kind of thing traditional Scots band sporting kilts and all the old fighting outfits, they didn't half whack those drums maan, well powerful it was, then it was us.
Fair amount of rain I seem to remember and an OK gig, which I always feel bad about, what with people spending hard earned cash etc. We obviously would like every show to be great, there's never any rhyme or reason why it should be better one night than the next, it just is. Not different though...

Few days off then Bedford Park, which funnily enough, happens to be in France. (No it isn't. Everyone knows it's in Holland.) The Choirboys opening. Cock rock. It's not dead, it just smells funny (Copyright uncle Frank Zappa, who coincidentally and from BEYOND THE GRAVE ladies and gentlemen also won a Classic Rock award this year) They were good, again if you like that kind of thing, but then again that's exactly what could be said about us. We were good, in fact almost excellent I'd say, again, no reason why. I just wrote again 3 times in a sentence. What crap writing.

Then a special day. The Bulldog Bash, what a great place to be. The most unPC place I've ever been to, some of the T-shirts were so sexist, I had to buy loads. Went and watched a real wall of death, a rickety old wooden one, they are quite quite mad those people, saw a tent full of the most amazing bikes I've ever seen, and met up with THE Andy T, one of the organisers and a former minder of ours. What a great guy, a real pleasure to see him again. Now I suppose we had a reason to try and be extra good here. Playing to loads of people who probably last saw the band in 1986, when they looked at me and thought "who's that wanker with no head on his guitar mincing around the stage? That's enough." In a massive tent, we were on after the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, who warmed it up really well, and a real ROCK audience.

We tore it up, we really did. Even had a Quo fan pole dancer, (you are bonkers...geat word that) who climbed up the Marquee frame. It was hilarious seeing the Hells Angels trying to get her down I checked out a couple of message board threads and it would appear the Bulldoggers agreed with us re our performance, which was nice. Then of course it all went so tragically wrong when the Hells Angel Gerard Tobin was murdered on his way back from the Festival, Means nothing I know but our condolences to his family and friends. The aforementioned Andy T tells me he was as nice as everyone was saying, a truly special man. I have to say, (I don't mean I have to say or they'll be sending big Ron round) everybody I met at The Bulldog Bash seemed to me a genuinely nice gentle person, no shit. So there. I'm a fan.

On to Holland next, Pink pop, Willy Deville (don't get it) and Marillion (so good at what they do, not my cup of tea, but they do it v. well), the seated part of the audience looked like they were at a tennis match, very strange arrangement, a bit countrified I reckon it was, because they were Dutch and they weren't mad! No beer throwing, very respectable behaviour, polite applause, come on you Dutch! Let's be 'avin yer! Quite frankly, a see me after class situation will arise if we EVER have a repeat of these dreadful scenes.

Then on to the best festival there is (in my opinion), Skandeborg, Denmark The best backstage, local people running it, they put so much work into making it great for bands and public alike, AND all the profit goes to the local town for youth projects etc. Result! Also saw the Walter Trout Band, they were really happening, and they were on at 12 O'clock, which was pretty impressive, and what a drummer! I actually told the billy at the end of our show, which everybody enjoyed except the Rev. Rock, (ear trouble again) something like "in my opinion Skandeborg is the BEST festival there is, and thank you for having us here so many times". Something like that. Do you know what? They liked that. Anyway, I reckon it's arise Sir Rhino of Skandeborg, love it...

Few days at home, then out with my daughter Mae ( who no longer gets travel sick and throws up in the bus) to Colmar in France and a concert at a wine festival. Moi? The 3rd Duke of Wimbledon in a wine festival trying out many many many different kinds of Alsace wines? We've actually done the gig before, a few years ago. Marillion on again, sat and watched them, 7000 punteres went apemerde for us, brilliant, saint cloud beret basque (thank you very much in 70s French slang. You really need to know that, don't you).

On to big in Switzerland Status Quo, in Zurich, sold out 14000, but you know what? I went out to watch Vivian, who were opening, and I couldn't believe it was so quiet. Bloody Health and Safety. "You can't have it loud, in fact you can't even have it a little bit loud, in case people get deaf." Duh. It's a fucking ROCK CONCERT!!! It's SUPPOSED to be loud! Don't tell me that people want to come to a gig and be able to talk over the band they've paid to see. You are having a laugh. Shame, it really is. You want to hear something loud, go to a Grand Prix. Soon they'll stop anyone going to them because you could get deafened by the noise of the cars. Or they'll put a couple of speed cameras round the course. LEAVE US ALONE!!!

Anyway, back to Trentham Gardens, near Stoke. I went there when I was in the Climax Blues band in about 1864. What a dump. Went there with the Status Quo, 2007. Stunning. Money, and lots of it very well spent I can assure you. If you're in the area, it's a real must see, honest, if you like landscaped gardens, lakes, monkey whatever you call them, oh, just go there. Good young opening act, whose name sadly escapes me. By the way, watch out for the Astrofirs, a band I've been checking out for a while. The bass player Jos was inspired to play after seeing me, so he obviously has impeccable taste or is mad, but they've got a record deal. and are recording at the moment. Having heard some of the demos I think it's going to be mega. Remember where you read it first.

Yet another band to watch, they're called Woode(p94) Anyway... great natural amphitheatre, incredibly bland catering, as opposed to Dudley Castle the next day which was truly appalling, I could do better, and that's saying something. Quite cold, but good fun I think.

After the success of the Eminem track, I'm going to throw you audiofilephiles a challenge now. Can anyone find me a James Brown song called, I think "Bring it on?" It was in the early eighties I believe, and was on Sonet records, I would LOVE to get hold of a copy, so now you know what I want for Christmas.

Dudley. The son of Robert Plant, aka Lord Lead of Zepperlin was playing in the opening act, and as you do, dad turned up to watch. What a nice bloke, not big time at all. Gig, pissed down, fantastic location, you brave lot, you must really like us. Which I think you do. Especially me, I secretly am aware that the only reason you come to a Status Quo is to see yours truly, even if a lot of you look at Rick and Francis and point at them and blow kisses etc. when they come over to where you're standing. Don't worry, our secret is safe. Especially Pepsi, my biggest fan. Did I say she was big? (30p. for the mention. It's gone up) Our dressing room was full of giant cockroaches, tarantulas and snakes. And that was just the band (ho ho) Hayseed Dixie on also. They rock I think.

Get in!
Edwards, 54½

All pics by
Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse

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