In search of the fourth chord tourlog
Part 8: Jongle Bells

Bah! Humbug! Bloody typical, it's the last day of the tour and I'm getting a cold. Been feeling great all the way through, unless it was self inflicted, and now I'm probably going to go home and give it to everyone. Apart from that, everything's great, although as per usual, when it gets towards the end I'm so in the bubble that I think to myself "oh well, maybe just a few more days wouldn't hurt". However, that's not the reality, so I'll just take a couple of days kind of bumbling around until 'er behind the doors tells me that it's time to stop treating the place like a hotel and do some work, then I'll be OK.

So, this only a brief statement to bring the ramblings of 2007 to an end. I'm in the dressing room at Bournemouth 2 hours before "Showtime", and as I said before feeling coldy. I must be feeling bad, as I refused an offer of a drink from young Beth, however as that's 30p for the mention it's not all doom and gloom. Or dum and gluum as they might say in Dundee.

Did someone say Dundee? How timely! I was there not 3 nights since, what a coincidence. We had a funny old gig there, it's not often nowadays we have people sat down in the front few rows, well there were quite a few there. A bit tailor's dummyish if you ask me.

Cue "I was sat at the front, how dare you call me a dummy!" signed Lord McCharles of Dunmoaning.
I know you pays your money and takes your choice, but I tell you peeps, the ones standing up were having much more fun. I wonder if the person who put the thread on the message board that I spit at fans was in the front row at Dundee as well? You know me, I have no respect or feel any responsibility towards the fans, I've only done my Tourlog for the last 10 years so I can take the piss out of you all.

I LOVE spitting at fans, I'd do it in the street if I could. In fact, from now, ANYONE with an SQ t-shirt on who sees me anywhere, prepare to be gobbed on. In actual fact:
A) It's water which I drank 10 seconds before
B) Bollocks, I've forgotten whatever it was I was going to write and
C) I still can't remember.

Gig was actually pretty good by the way.

Sheffield. Hoorah! Spontaneity!!! We messed up the end of Gravy Train so we did it again. Rick's favourite gig of the tour so far, and with only one to go, I quite suspect that won't change.

It only remains for me as ever to thank you, each and every one of you except the bloke that kicked little Sarah and then threw up at Cardiff for coming to our shows so often.

You have no idea how much it means... and I'm not talking money, you cynical bastards!, to know that this band which I'm so fucking proud to be a member of has a place in so many people's hearts. Plus which it's all I ever wanted to do, I'm a lucky man.

You know, as Andrew once said, on a speedboat on a private lake, drinking champagne and generally being rock and roll, "not bad for 3 chords, eh?".

Not to worry by the way, we'll never find the Fourth, if we did we wouldn't know what to do with it!

Anyway, that's your lot for this year.

Special thanks to : God, Allah, John the Baptist, the bloke that does Bargain Hunt, all of de men digging de potatoes in de fields, the England football team for being so crap most of them aren't fit (and can't be bothered) to wear the shirt, Jordan, Sarah from Girls Aloud, Heidi from the Sugarbabes, the mighty Brentford FC, my family, Bob the builder, and the kind people that sent me the James Brown and Eminem songs.
PS. I'm also looking for the Entire Beatles catalogue if anyone has a spare one.

Woodedz are playing in January, we'll put it on the website for the UK, as we'll be doing one or 2, Meanwhile, we're already confirmed for 2 European shows Ladies and Gentlemen! OK they're both in the same place, in Holland, Ma Kellys, on Jan 25/26th, I believe the 26th is already sold out, but I can't imagine how much fun it's going to be with those Dutch nutters, there'll be none of that softcore Kerapp!!!

Merry Xmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year to you all from all of us!

Love and tongues,

P.P.S Not PPS at all, but the best of luck to B and the North, they have some great songs and a lot to learn, and they're going about it the right way. I like to think they watched and learned from us, especially Francis, who for obvious reasons has a vested interest, but he really gave of his time, and it don't come much better than that.
Country rock on guys and girl!!     B and the North blog on Wordpress   -    B and the North on MySpace

Top stage image by Simon Cooper

Band images by Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse

Big thanks to everyone who sent pictures in for this years log, even if we didn't use them. Special thanks to Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse from ccphotoart, Gert Ohlsson, Simon Cooper, Mr Dave Salt, Jeff Rich and Simone Froud for pics we did use.

More pictures from the UK tour are here.

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