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Part 9: Summer 08
FR Hey everybody, how've you been? Probably better than us I can tell you. 'Why?' I hear you asking, 'What's the matter?'

I tell you what the matter is. We looked at the message board and read that at least 3 of the regular posters ARE NOT COMING TO SEE US THIS YEAR!!!!!!
You bastards, you don't know what you've done. Francis has been incandescent with rage (because as a celebrity he's allowed to be "incandescent with rage" unlike us mere mortals who are only allowed to be well pissed off), Rick can't stop crying, Andrew in fact committed suicide and is now actually a hologram (mind you, that could be true), and I will be visiting each one of you personally on behalf of the band, to beg and implore you to give us one more chance If that doesn't work Matt "left eye" Letley (more on that later) will deliver a 5 hour Letley Lecture on the subject of bivouacking.

Actually F*** it, why don't you just go away. And stop droning on and on about why you're not coming, because frankly my dears I don't give a damn. There are plenty of other great bands out there, why don't you go and follow them or something. Pants for 300 years for example, or what ever your name is, you are one of the main offenders, why do you bother? Mind you, why do I bother reading it? In fact, you've done a Pip Williams on me. I'm not going to read it anymore. Not until the next time anyway.

Where was I? Ah yes. How have you all been? I've been fine, thank you for asking, it was great having so much time at home. However, Max Freddie and John Edwards AKA as Woodedz managed to squeeze in 2 nights at Ma Kelly's in the middle of nowhere in Holland, one of the GREAT venues, we had an absolutely brilliant time there, big thanks to Arjen and Jan for making our short stay so memorable, and we verily kicked some rockin' ass.

There was also the case of Le Quo party 2008, or the "Zut alors! It's Woodedz!" one gig tour, however Max had too much work to do at Uni, so the Killer stepped into the breach pour un soir only. And he really stepped in and got in, what a great show, at a brilliant venue, Le Cabaret Sauvage. Special thanks are due again, this time to Bruno, you did us proud, what a great time. Rhino also wishes to thank Lloydie, the Quo guitar tech, Andrew the driver and Da Crave, our team of total dudes, such fun, really. Come and se us, we're good. IMTUO (in my totally unhumble opinion). What's this humble opinion bullshit everyone seems to use on blogs and MBs? Do you have an opinion or not. Or are you "and the meek shall inherit the earth, if that's alright with everybody else" types?.
The Killer
Anyway, there's loads of the stuff on Youtube, just type in Woodedz, check out Lucinda from Paris, (the song not the girl!) it kicks big style. Must have paid off, Max not doing the Paris gig, because on his 21st birthday he achieved a double 1st from Cambridge University, well done that man! Mae's going to be our new drummer when he's off again, watch out folks, Maraudin Mae's on her way!

However, Woodedz in our present formation are delighted and proud to be opening the Bulldog Bash Bulldog Bash Site and tickets on Thursday 7th August, be there or not, we will be.

Right, on to matters Quo live on stage Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2008 part of the ISOTFC tour kicked off at Ayr racecourse in Scotland. Before we went on we were introduced to the very nice lady Provost (mayor) of the town. I told here they should forget the Scottish name for her post, and then she'd be the mayor of Ayr!
... She didn't laugh either.

Lovely evening for it squire, wasn't it, a bit nervous actually I think we were. From The Jam were on before us, that singer sounds more like Paul Weller than Paul Weller! Makes you realise how good a lot of those songs were. Me, I'm not keen on what he's done since the Jam, but he does a good interview, in fact one of my favourite music quotes was from him, something like "I never thought anyone with a beard could be any good". Anyway, we hit the stage, great to be back, a bit warts an' all, brilliant cock-up in Don't Drive My Car, new set starting to work out, of course, like you we all missed Gerdundula, left a massive hole in the show, but we'll get over it. It was just the hunnens nosser (dog's bollocks in Danish) to see you lot, we've missed ya.

I'm in Ljubljana (I can spell it but don't ask me to pronounce it) in Slovenia, it's 11.00 in the morning, we just arrived overnight from a great show in Bratislava, but that's a ways away in Logworld.

Few days off, which gave the Reverend Rock the chance to get back to Spain to see Tommy and Lily, and me the chance to fall off my bike into barbed wire, you had to see it, I was with Kathy when I came off and my leg was stuck over the crossbar. The only way I could move it was to push backwards. Great. If I pushed backwards I went back into the barbed wire and with no top on (easy ladies!) IT HURT LIKE BUGGERY, caps lock on by mistake, nothing broken = result. Sorry, back to the Status Quo stuff.
Rev Rock
Quiet gig at Bochum, the opening act couldn't make it, so we went on cold, if you see what I mean, still tinkering with the set, nice to see our Deutsches friends again. Then on to Dutch nutter territory. No surprises there, they lived up to their name, what a mad crazy lot, love you we do. Terrible acoustics, hot and loud, as me old Uncle Frank said "and that's the way I like it." At least I thought it was hot until the next day in Winterthur, Switzerland, that was beyond it, really, it didn't help that the singer from Airbourne, the opening act had such a powerful voice that he used all the oxygen in the venue on their first song! Going to be big they are.

The just the 2 days to the Isle of Man, the man from Barnes myself and the Rev. Rock went to watch a TT race, awesome it was. I am not a petrol head and get bored shitless at a Grand Prix, but this was something else, true hardcore sport, I mean if you're doing Moto GP or something and you fall off, there's shingle, tyres, grass and stuff like that to break your fall. Don't get me wrong, I know it's really dangerous, but if you come off on the TT circuit, it's slightly different as the only things to break your fall are walls, trees or punters. Big respect from me.

Great show in a beautifully refurbished hall, nice to see that Paul from SOQ, he's a true geezer. I don't think there's that much live music there, they were gagging for it! (Aren't we all lovey). Suspension went on the bus on the way home, it was like being in the back of a truck, getting thrown around like billy-oh we were, cue Gomorr getting bad back. He was really suffering at the Thetford show a few days later, but you'd never have known it, trouper numero uno. Thetford, Cloud found us, well it let us off at Ayr so I suppose it was only fair really.

The Scandinavian leg. What a strange phrase that, the Scandinavian leg, sounds like an illness. "Poor Sven, he's got Scandinavian leg". Well I think it is anyway. Starting in Oslo, always been a strange one Norway re Billy, they really know how to not make a noise at gigs. Not on this one they didn't though. Many many Brits, and on a slightly damp evening a rockin 'n' a rollin, good time was had by all, a real hootenanny of rootin' tootin' down-home hunky chunky funky monkey (where is this going? I'm writing it and I got no clue) kickass balls to the floor (whatever that means) music was performed to a warm, nay sirrah, seriously positive reaction from the assembled throng, which numbered 3,213 and a half.
Overnighter, Denmark, me and Rick found a great 10 Krone (about £1) shop, he bought some nail scissors, which he used for the first time on the bus last night to cut his nails. Actually it was the one and only time, as on the very first cut they broke in two. That could mean a couple of things: One, Rick has incredibly strong nails, or Two, the scissors were shite. I'm thinking it's probably the first one.

Freezing gig, we went on too late for people either old enough or soon to be old enough for a bus pass, Francis still plagued by back probs, poor bloke, but getting there. The band on before us had a singer who made Rod Stewart sound like Aled Jones, I remember that, and the fact that the lovely Maureen, our numero uno fan had travelled direct to Oslo airport after the gig there, no sleep, caught a plane at 6.30am then 2 trains and a cab to make that show. Top girl Maureen m'love.

That's also a weird expression. How do you catch a plane?

Then Sweden, outside, with the Refreshments, a bit of a nondescript evening, I don't know why, it just was.

So, seeya later in the year Mr and Mrs. Scandinavian, looking forward to it, missing you already xxxxxxxx
Last bit on this Log is Westonbirt, in fact the only reason I've done so many gigs on this section is that I want to get a shameless plug in for the live CD we did there the following Sunday. The gig was blinding, with a superb audience who were up for it from the word go. We were possibly a bit more edgy than normal because we all knew it was being recorded, yes folks, even ROCK GODS get nerves sometimes. I only want to plug it because IMTUO it's really kicking. I seldom if ever play CDs I've recorded or watch videos I'm on, I just don't. But I came home a few days later and my Freddie was playing it. I honestly couldn't believe how good it was, and actually sat down and gave it a good listening to. It's the hunnuens nosser. Not only that, the mistakes in ROLD are truly immense in their Wrongness, confident and WRONG!

On a sadder note, my mate Colin Cooper, the sax player from the Climax Blues Band, who actually coined the phrase 'Loud Confident and Wrong' died this week after a long battle with cancer. More of a gentleman you'd be very hard pushed to find.

Well that's about it my little Cup Cakes. No more prattling on for now, I'll shut me arse and give me mouth a chance. I'm going to go and look round 'ave a banana or whatever it's called before tonight's show, so long suckers, great to be back!

Hugs and stuff, missing you already, S.W.A.L.K
The horned beast.

PS.Come on Andy Murray! (That didn't work did it?)
PPS.Well done Spain!
PPPS.Up the Bees!
PPPPS.Lidl forever!
PPPPPS. Anyone here like the Mighty Boosh? Me and the man from Barnes think it's total utter sheer CLASS!!!

PPPPPPS... Bollocks

All pics by
Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse

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