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Part 1: 1,662 words
Before I begin, I'd like to tell you that Noel, the singer of Manfred Mann has had a heart attack. It's not life threatening, and as far as I know they're still doing the German and English shows, but I'm sure you will all join us in wishing him a full and speedy recovery, he's such a lovely man.

Right, down to business.

Looks like me song Bad News was a bit ahead of its time innit? We are living in uncertain times are we not...

I shall therefore attempt to fill the following one thousand six hundred and sixty two words with complete and utter crap, thus a) continuing the habit of a lifetime, b) with a bit of luck making himself (me) and maybe you lot laugh a bit. Hopefully a lot, but I'm not holding me breath.

I am in my room in an hotel for a change; however I am in this hotel room for a reason. Deep and serious pause please reader...
The gig tonight at Hull has had to be rearranged, as Matthew, sorry, the current drummer has a nasty bug. This is why I am in this hotel room, waiting to see what's going on re tomorrow in Blackpool, of course big apologies from the band. Matt can in no way do the show, but at the same time I know he'll be feeling shit about not being able to get onstage.

So we is al togevver in wishin the Fresh Prince of Bromley a speedy recovery (that's an upholsterer on amphetamines. I thought it was funny anyway. You didn't? F*** you! ) All that means ladies and gentle men is that at the end of the first round, John has used a grand total of 104 words of his allotted thousand and whateverthefuck it is.

I have to say, I think I may refer to Matt as the Fresh Prince from now on by the way, I think it kind of suits him.
Last 2 gigs of summer. There's been a few changes in the camp: Mr D. Salt, Mr. Toot Carman and Mr. Rogers have moved on from Team Quo, and I for one wish at least 2 of them all the best! I'm joking of course, it's only 1. No, really, I AM joking! I've had some really memorable times with Dave and Toot, especially the football (English and Australian!) days out, never forgotten... It was a long time guys.
Unfortunately Toot couldn't make the last 2 gigs of the 4th chord tour, but Dave stood in for him, which was nice.
avin a larf...
First one, Vilnius, Lithuania. We're on the flight from London, and I gets to talking (as you do when you're trying to sound like a big negro bloke) to these two 21 year old girls, well one 21, one 22 actually, they were lovely, and also not the tallest people I'd ever met. It was a quite bizarre meeting, however, fascinating. One of them asked if we were a band, I replied: "yeah, we're the Rolling Stones and I'm a good friend of Ronnie Wood, which makes you both too old for me" nudge, nudge, Just trying to be funny, more of that later (trying to be funny that is, with varying degrees of failure). I'm off me trolley, me, 'avin it!

How strange/ill/boring am I? My big decision at the moment is whether or not to open a tin of fruit, as my mother would say on a Sunday afternoon, after the worst Sunday lunch ever "I'll open a tin". Sorry mum, love you loads, and I know you're 89 going on 49, but your home made pastry=good, roast dinner=uh-uh, There, I've said it.

I have no doubt that my Mae, that's right the lovely "my daughter Mae" will take great pleasure in showing me mum that last sentence,'cos she is so good at "innocently" insisting people view certain sections of my ramblings. As in during my last log I implied there may been some small amounts of female flesh visible to the naive, nay, ignorant 55 year old bass guitarist of the group when we visited the Serbian town of Nish. My precious little girl wasted no time in reading it and swiftly informing her mother, my wife no less, that I was a pervert. Thanks Mae. Sorry, diversion there...

Back to the tin. It's a Del Monte Sleced (posh for sliced) Pineapple in own juice, reduced from 39p to 29p. Does he open it dear reader or does he not? Don't forget to read tomorrow's episode of: "Rhino Edwards, dwarf sex god and his wife Kleptomania, mother of Bonjella, sister of Nutella, husband of Paul Weller".

I have to go. My brain hurts.

I didn't finish the story of the flight to Lithuania. Could she also be another member of the family?
Note to self. Don't forget to finish the st... yeah I know.
I will tomorrow. Goodnight.

Morning. Next day and it doesn't look like Blackpool tonight is going to go ahead either. Bollocks. However, there's nothing any of us can do about it except apologise, so I'll just crack on with this log thing. The 2 girls were Israeli, and they asked what songs we played. I said "Whatever you want", doesn't ring a bell, "Rockin' all over the world", can't say I recall, "In the Army now", That's you!! Oh m'gaad, we've heard that song hundreds of times!

So in Israel we are Status "In the army now" Quo. The only other thing about the girls is that they were about 5 foot nothing each, and part of the Israeli women's Basketball team!

Anyway, great hot gig in a Sports hall. The country (Lithuania) is, I reckon, on the verge of becoming like every other one of the so called emerging economies of Eastern Europe.You know, all the chain shops, Macshit, and top fashion houses selling clothes at such massive prices you wonder how anyone could make enough legitimate cash to buy them. Plus lots of people who haven't got very much money at all Overnight to Kaliningrad, which is now Russian but was German until 1945.

Crossing the border was an experience. Did you know you're not allowed to take radioactive material, drugs or thermo-nuclear devices into Russia? It said so on a poster at the border. Phew, glad I found that out, I was able to dump the heroin and the enriched uranium in a bin before I got into trouble with the authorities. Very interesting drive, lots of new building going on, but I wouldn't want to live there.

The promoter gave us a makeover on the advertising poster, luckily we were sent one, so Ladies and Gentlemen will you welcome the mighty Uriah Heep, and Status Quo MK4.

Heep and Quo!

Gig in a football ground, Cindy and Julie turned up, they are definitely barking, but as ever great to see them. The Heep were fantastic, I'd really recommend you go to see them live, and what a drummer they got! We had our work cut out following them, but when you have the catalogue of hits that Quo has you're on a winner. Great audience as well, very up for it.

Then, folks, something strange happened. Us and Heep went to the Hotel bar! Not something we ever really do, but a fine time was had by all, especially Charlotte, their front of house sound engineer, who was more than a tad tired and emotional, but great fun. Then, East 17 suddenly arrived at midnight, which was nice. They were gigging in the same town, but not on until 3.30am. What a bizarre mix of people, where was my camera?

There were more than a few aching heads at the airport next morning before the flight home, but not me mate. Great to meet the Heep mob again, what a luverly bunch of people, 'appy days Mick and co. Go to see them! That's an order!

So, farewell to ISOTFC, and hello Pittures...

Have you seen the paintings yet? If not you can look at them via the home page of the Quo site. I really like the Edwards family one, which is nice as I'll probably have to buy it at the auction!

Really like the Rossi one as well.
Rhinos Artwork
Well, apart from Matt and his Lurgey, it's all been pretty good so far, and the revamped set seems to be going down well. Talking of that, I'm sure you'd all like to join me, the current bass player, in a huge vote of thanks to Mr FF30 years for single-handedly convincing us to play some new songs. We'd never have thought to do them if it wasn't for him. I'd also like to thank him for not coming to a show.

I'd like to thank Arjen from Holland by the way for his always constructive criticism and opinions, which I value. Really.

Where was I? Yes, the screens. Coming along I'd say, bit of a work in progress. And whayhay, Scooter and Quo, number 11 and rising in Germany! Get in! I think it's great, it's such an unlikely collaboration, hats of to them for bringing it off, I reckon it was a big risk for them, given the reputation we have as old farts in some quarters it could have been disastrous for their image. To see the face of HP the singer when Francis gave him a guitar was great, let's hope for a number 1 with it.

Well, I'll talk more about the show next time round folks, just had to ease myself back in so to speak. One thing though, it's great to see the look on peoples face when we play "Ice In The Sun" not least of all mine!

Love to all you current Quo fans.

PS. I just heard we're off the road until Cambridge on Sunday, sorry folks.

Gastric flu it is now. F"^%*&(*&^$"%%!!!!*&^!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top 2 pics by
Christie 'the Duck' Goodwin and Patrick 'The Chief' Cusse

Pic of Uriah Heep and Quo advertising poster in Kaliningrad
kindly sent in by Mikhail Valeyko.

Rhino's Artwork by Rhinos.

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