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Part 3: The Return of The Killer
The Return of the Killer Before I go if you will, logging proper, I omitted to mention that at Croydon, I hit a lady called Lorraine with my guitar, accidentally of course and Francis trod on her hands. Apparently she would have liked a mention about that, so Lorraine, consider yourself mentioned. And thanks for not suing.

In Randers we are at the moment. It is in Denmark. It is raining. It is miserable out there. Maureen and Heidi, 2 of our biggest fans (although in Heidi's' case not literally) are outside. They are freezing. I am doing my washing. That is not Rock and Roll. But my clothes will soon be clean. Note to self: stop writing short sentences. OK. Will do. Soon.

Back on the block so to speak, starting off at the definitely rockin' town of Braunschweig, Germany. What a great ticket, us and Manfred Mann's Earth band. They are so good, the crowd love them, and the music of both bands doesn't detract or cross over into the others' territory. The tour has sold really well I'm pleased to say, we have a new promoter out here, KBK concerts, who really would appear know their stuff. So any of you German peeps that want to book us for your christening/wedding/pissup/party for about a hundred thousand squillion euros, they're the people to ask.

The gig was banged out as we say, or full up as you might, Matt easing his way back, he really was knocked for 6 by his illness, and we're all pleased to see him back in the saddle, so to speak. Same for Cologne, where Kimi and Guddi were also back although Guddi was on a crutch (if you can be such a thing) after a very nasty accident, nice to see you back ladies.
Aim High
On to Berlin and a venue we'd played before when it was a circus, literally, and while quite rockin' was more than a bit of a dump. Well the Berliners, being as effing clever as they are basically built the whole thing again, only this time in concrete, so you have a venue that looks like it did before, but it's a seriously fine piece of architecture with loads of other stuff as well like a swimming pool, and there's the swimming pool, and maybe another swimming pool.

Actually that's all I know of, so we'll just make up the other bits shall we, and then Bob ist dein unkel. Still a mighty good bit of building anyway. Then on to a well earned (I use the phrase loosely there folks) day off in Berlin, which I'd never really had a good look around, it must have been, like so many towns and cities in Germany fantastic before WW2. We never learn do we? As I'm writing this, those brainwashed nutters in Mumbai have slaughtered all those innocent people, and for what?

Still, I can't think about it, because they must not win, I like to have freedoms, I'm not religious myself to be honest, but I have no problem with it being used as a moral code. It appears to me from the little I know that ALL religions in the everyday sense preach to us to be good people, but some of them have been hijacked and used for the polar opposite. Call me old fashioned but I like to think that most people are nice and good, but as usual, the tiny minority spoil for everyone else. So, completely shooting down everything I just wrote, I hope all you nutters and fanatics rot in Hell. Ok, next...

After Rostock. Dresden. Bit of a quiet audience, I nearly got run over by a bus while talking on me mobile, Stupid twat that I am. ALWAYS LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING !!!

Biberach. Day off in a one ho town. That's a town that's so quiet it doesn't even have one horse. It was beautiful though. I decided to walk into town for a dental appointment (yes folks even us rock gods get tooth problems) and got totally lost, ended up jumping over ditches, crossing railway tracks on a bend (really stupid that) and even walking past a Lidl I was that lost and late.
Raised Eyebrow
Last gig of the German tour, thanks for coming volks. It really has been great for a few reasons, lots of Billy, the return of the Killer, and the Manfreds. I can't remember when there's been such a good backstage atmosphere when we're on the road with another band. We're meeting up again for the UK arena shows, get there early folks, they are total class. So, tarra Germany, Owrught France? Grenoble, a Velodrome, and a bit of a culture shock as we arrived there direct from Biberach after an overnight drive.

By the way, to digress for a second, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who bid, large or small for any of the paintings for the auction, especially Sophie, who parted with 4 grand of hard earned cash for the Edwards offering, didn't it all do well?

France was interesting, after Grenoble we hit Besançon. As luck would have it there was a camper van show next door with literally hundreds of them, golly, how much? A nice Mercedes will set you back about 90k, money well spent I can assure you if you like that sort of thing. Rouen has to be one of the nicest places in France, and we had a day off there, crepes galore and rose (I can't find the accent button on the laptop, so pronounce it as rosay) wine being the order of the day.

On to Rennes, where I nearly had a fight with a drunk (no not me) in the street, then Le Mans, where the hotel, in the middle of nowhere was next to a centre for Spanish culture, what a strange location for a place like that. I did found out though that there's a place called Arnage at or near the 24 heures circuit, hence the Bentley Arnage, I'm sure you all have at least one of them at home, so now you know.
Montpellier, where I met a mate I hadn't seen for 33 years, could have been weird, but was great, saw a busker who could actually have been Tracy Chapman, such a look and sound alike, although Andrew thought it was a bloke. We also thought the show that night was the best we'd played in a very long time, I mean in years, it was so brilliant.

To Nice, where my Freddie joined the tour, he's with us until After Amsterdam, then for the last date in France, the beautiful city of Orleans, with one of the best Cathedrals I've ever seen. Rouen and Orleans, 2 places not to miss if you ask me.

Another country comes to an end, all too soon as per usual with France, thanks to Michael Jones, (the opening act), Fabrice, our Promoter representative, Bruno and the other guys who came to so many shows, all the Spanish, Mr. and Mrs McBilly, who came from Scotland to Nice I think, and Cindy and Julie, mad as ever.

So TTFN France and Bonjourno Holland via a TV show in Germany with the Scooters, it's out January 3rd next year.

Amsterdam, what a great show that was. Probably the best of the tour reaction wise, 5000 Dutch barmy army going mental.

I think that ought to do it for now, tarra me ducks.


PS. I just realised I'm repeating myself re the Camper show. I like Campers, OK? You got a problem with that? I thought not.

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