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Part 8 - A band's got to do what a band's got to do.
Rhino at Glastonbury 09

You know when a band's on tour it's said to be "on the road"? Well check this out:
Wednesday-London. Thursday-Copenhagen (or Quopenhagen as it's now known) - off. Friday-arrive Selbu (Norway). Saturday-play Selbu, overnight to Quopenhagen. Sunday-off. Monday-play Quopenhagen. Overnight to Kristiansund (Norway) 150 kilometres from Selbu. Tuesday-off.. Wednesday-play Kristiansund. Overnight to (that's right folks!) Quopenhagen. Thursday-off. Friday, travel all day and night to Bristol. Arrive Saturday pm. Now THAT'S what you call being on the road. Didn't bother me. I flew. However, at times being in this band is not for the faint hearted, I can tell yez.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, going into the modern world me. I have an idea for a social networking website/culture where people seeking sex can meet up/chat with one other from the privacy of their own tissue box. I thought I'd call it Sitonmyfacebook. What d'ya think? Answers please on a digital postcard to Mr.T Osser, Younaughtyboy House, Condom Street, Milton Kleenex, WA**NK69 Peru.

Now that's off my chest so to speak. Selbu. Festival. Rain on and off, not when we played I believe, but I don't think most of the audience would have noticed if Hurricane Katrina was bringing its full force to bear on that field. I have never seen so many drunk people in one place before, actually there was one in Finland but that was yonks ago. It was quite incredible really.There were more people in the campsite and outside the part where we were playing than were in it, and obstensively (whoo! big word Rhino!) we were the reason they were there. Apparently that gig has a reputation for a quite wrecked audience. Well, congratulations, you lived up to it. It was also near the quaintly named town of Hell by the way. There was a wicked AC/DC tribute band as well.

FR at Glastonbury


Off to Quopenhagen, where we were absolutely awesome, driven quite superbly by the husband of the lovely Mrs. Killer, he really laid down the law that night, what can I say, fantastic band, fantastic audience thank you and thank us. What? Oh well you know what I mean...
Bye Bye

Back to the land of Trolls, what a stunningly beautiful country it is, and an outdoor gig in Kristiansund, where the longest uninterrupted transport system in the world runs. It's a local ferry boat that metaphorically looks like it's been punched in the face, but I just thought you might like to know that. Good gig, then the most amazing journey back scenically, for me to Oslo airport, the rest of the suckers (did I say that? Probably.) to Bristol, in readiness for GLASTO!!!! Der der der der dmmmmmmmm!!!! Hey, I can't believe all the stuff on the Quo MB about it, but more on that in a minute. On the gig, I thought we were pretty good. What I LOVED about it was a) there was rather a lot of billy out front. It just reinforces the legendary status this band has amongst people. I'm sure there were only maybe 10 per cent of them who'd have seen us before, but they got up early to check it out, and from what I saw they pretty much loved it. b) the main thing I loved about the message board comments was that the faithful were especially proud to be Quo fans after seeing it on the TV, Yeah!!! Wasn't the sound brilliant by the way? And how friends/colleagues were also saying the same to them as in they'd seen the show and been well impressed.

You know, I actually think we were better in Quopenhagen; it actually wasn't that different from a normal show, but a great occasion nonetheless. And c) that we didn't get many reviews, which for me was a result. If it had gone badly the press would have been queuing up to slag us off, but they couldn't 'cos we did the business. You see, us and you lot know how good we are, so we're fine with it. It would be nice to have a bit of critical acclaim, but we're not holding our collective breath. However...

What I couldn't believe was the negativity from a couple of people, mainly that one Twatly or whatever your name is, what you are looking for doesn't exist any more. I'm sorry to have to inform you that Francis and Rick will not be hanging up their Telecasters after your invitation for them to. And you support AFC Wimbledon! I rest my case yer onnor. However, there is a possibility you're just trying to wind people up, job done mate...

No rest for the wicked, or us, Epsom races next, had the entire Edwards clan there, what do you think of my hair by the way, swiftly changing the subject? Takes days off me I think.

Then on to Avoine, France, for the "Avoine on me" (my interpretation by the way. Really?) Festival, near the town of Chinon, one of the more interesting parts of France for wine, they drink a lot of chilled red there, who am I to argue? I also had lunch in Tours, one of the great cities of France, whilst watching a parade of thousands of choppers. I mean Harley Davidson motor bikes ladies, sorry. Indoor festival, boiling hot, absolutely great crowd, sold out, 2800 beeliez, un result. France, je t'aime...

Overnight, via some beautiful French vistas to Carcassonne, which was unimpressive. Beautiful but so so touristy, as mentioned before saw the truly soporific Depeche Mode, however the venue we played in the old town was truly superb, an open air amphitheatre kind of affair... I watched the drum solo from the side of the stage and it looked absolutely fantastic, Pat Marks, he of the lighting desk and incessant oral contribution is a genius. Really. My wife, the long suffering Kath has a very realistic opinion of Quo, having if you will seen it from the inside. As she says, even when we're not very good or the sound is crap, the lights are always amazing. Arise Lord Skid.

Gosh, I say Caruthers; it's all a bit jolly hockey sticks and all that isn't it? Ya, I suppose it is, but Jersey was also a rockin show, in spite of some rather large technical problems, sorted by our rather totally efficient new production manager Glen. Missuses Rhino and Killer were there as well and a short holiday was taken by the 4 of us, it's a right nice place, honest, full of Agapanthus, which is now my favourite flower.

Right, that'll do for now, but 2 other things..

We were really gutted that the Tidworth show was pulled by the way, it was absolutely nothing to do with us. I was even more pissed off as my Freddie's' new band were going to open the show, still, that's showbiz, he'll get over that one.

I can't remember the other thing, it must have been really really important, just like my tourlog.

Goodnight people.

Oh yes, I remember. A band's got to do what a band's got to do, the title of this offering is a complete steal of the title of the latest album from that rockin' Swedish combo we have the pleasure of working with sometimes, the Refreshments. Credit where it's due.

Edwards, still 56 (not even 56 and a quarter yet!).

Awesome Pics by Christie Goodwin at Glastonbury

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