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Part 2: The Xmas Log 2009
Rhino! Before I go any further, as in start, I must talk 2 things up in a big way.

First is a book called Goin' Quoin'www.goinquoin.webs.com. It's funnily enough about going to see Quo, there are loads of different people in there contributing, from members of Predatur (shit hot Quo type band) via loads of fans to some bloke called John Edwards. The profits all go to the Shona Smile charity, so how cool is that? What a good Xmas/birthday present for your domesticated Quo fan. BUY IT!! They've only printed a couple of thousand, it's bound to sell out, so whatcha waiting for? It's a right riveting read as well.

Second, if the mighty Bruno is going to organize a French Quo party in 2010, just book up and get yer arses over to the land of er, the French and have a ball, it's an absolutely fantastic event with people from all over Europe meeting up and partying. The venue is fantastic and can hold a lot of people, hotels etc. all good, shame about the wine though. Anyway, here we go...

Oh dear, I ventured on to the Status Quo message board yesterday. Apparently I permanently scarred a member of the audience at the Newcastle show, I'm not as good a songwriter as Cheryl Cole (who is she by the way?) and I ruin Quo live. Well that's it then, I'll get me coat. It had to come, I got my comeuppance there, didn't I? And to cap it all, when I called a person with the board name of Ratly (who by his own admission was being a tad over the top) Twatly on my tour log it was apparently quite pathetic coming from a professional musician. Quo and The Roy Wood Band

Now it's my turn... How DARE you call me a professional! Career drinker yes, Lothario, OK I own up, but musician, my God you really know how to hurt a guy. And I note you're looking forward (for a change you say) to viewing my latest log. Why bother reading it? I'm only looking to give our fans a bit of insight into what goes on behind the scenes, and it's also a great, if you will, diary for me, that I'll check out when I'm old and grey. Anyway I've wasted enough time on that.

The mighty BEES! Beat MK dons away today, what a good feeling, we are staying up, I said we are staying up!!! I've just arrived in Nottingham after a raucous, noisy show in Hull, they know how to rock there, though I suspect it will be 2010 before some of them will be able to communicate without using sign language, it were that loud, I think that's how they say it in t'North. And it's bloody freezing as well.

Well, I'm back again, just before Christmas, to give you a bit of Quoworld as it is. I'm just going to get the brochure (for that is what I call our Itinerary folks), to see where we've been, hang on a sec... Jesus Christ it's big!

So...we rolled into Bristol or Brissie (where I bought a t-shirt that had Brissie written on it last year, so I know that's how they say it my luvverrr) for 2 nights. Changed the set about a bit, not enough for some I know, which I shall take issue with a certain message board contributor later, he's called Old Slug, love the name but don't agree.

Rhino n' Roy

Whew! What a scorcher! The orgy afterwards was sensational!! I just put that in as I've probably written WWAS (Whew! What a scorcher in Message board speak). before, just thought I'd shake it up a bit. On to a 2 day visit to Llandudno, where the chicks run free and the crack cocaine is second to none, sorry, I meant the fish and chips. The place (no pun intended) by the Tramway depot is sensational. Really. In the top 2 ever, that chippy and Jacks in Bridlington are the best anywhere in the UK in my book. Here you go, some real rock and roll for you. I, super stud of West London went to Currys and bought a washer dryer in Llandudno, better than that it had a free 5 year Guarantee!!! Yeehah! Getting it home could prove to be a problem though.

Stoke we didn't do. So sorry, to say it's not a lightly taken decision would be a classic understatement, especially on the day of a show, but Francis simply wasn't well enough. Little did we know we'd be going home for 12 days after Basingstoke. I must say that on the second night there he was clearly struggling, but I still thought we'd be carrying on, that man is a TOTAL trooper. However, it wasn't meant to be, but we're looking forward to revisiting y'all in January.

Oh m'god! It's Roy Wood! Cardiff. I was actually lucky enough to play a song with Roy in Stafford earlier this year, albeit on a very sad occasion, a memorial concert for Colin Cooper of Climax Blues Band fame who sadly died earlier this year, I know I already mentioned this, but do I care? Answer = 2 letter word ending in O, first letter not D or S or P (cont'd p/94).
Got to go to bed now, I've got 4 groupies in my room, and I'm not going to let them out whatever they say. Be back after Church tomorrow folks, nighty night xxx

Morgen! Just got me Move album ready for Roy to sign tonight, it's really one of the highlights of my career to be touring with someone who was such a large part of my teenage years. First Paul Rogers in '97, I could hardly bring myself to talk to him, but Roy is such an amiable guy. He has a great band that all really care for him, and they're really enjoying being on tour with us. Mind you, we've had tons (well 3) top class bands on the road with us this year, the mighty Kansas, Reammon, who are a very powerful if you will rock anthem kind of band, (can you imagine how pissed off they must have been when the shows got pulled?) I think they're doing the rescheduled shows in January, that'll be good. And now, God, sorry Roy Wood. We went out for a meal in Aberdeen, him and band, the man from Barnes, myself and some of our crew. I walked, sorry staggered back to my hotel, the rest carried on, dey is pwofessionals that lot.


Roy had great sound problems on the first 3 shows, which must have been really disappointing for him, but that's sorted now. The NEC was fab for us as usual, Sheffield was bloody freezing, then back to Manchester for 2 shows at the Apollo, a total dump with no barrier and the audience touching the stage. My kind of gig(s). Talking of my kind of gigs, at Blackpool, 2 of us (myself and Francis) made a simultaneous cockup in Little Lady, it was bizarre, we both played the same completely dreadfully wrong chord at the same time. You see, still haven't found the 4th one. I note that the Rolf Harris download only song hasn't troubled the charts, which brings me neatly on to the Christmas number 1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Rage against the machine as well!!!! My personal opinion ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, you see I loathe and abhor the X factor. I've watched about 15 minutes of it in total and that was enough. Drama my arse, as in who's going to win, oh m'god metaphorically speaking, it brings nothing to the table but eats all the cake. I think it's total bollocks and is killing the music industry, and as for this bullshit "oh yes, but people are going to see the tours and it's introducing a new generation to live music" yeah right, they're all singing live, of course they are. It's not as crass as J****N, whose name I will not sully my keyboard with I grant you, but what a load of shit. Well done anyone who downloaded the Rage song, I only did it 34 times, and I don't even like it!

I've got lost re when and in what order shows were, but I really must mention Wembley, that will stick in my mind for some time, a special one for us, unbelievable atmosphere, one of the few times it's at least been on a par with Glasgow. I think having Roy on first really gets everyone, band and audience up for it.

Matt and Rose Got to go, sound check you see, later...

I'm back! Almost forgot, it's nearly Christmas, we've just finished the tour with a storming gig in Bournemouth and driving through apparently Arctic conditions towards Edwards mansions, however as I'm halfway through my second bottle of Red, doesn't bother me. We have a very special guestette on board tonight, the one and only Ms. Rose Letley, and I have the photo to prove it.

Nearly time for me to go, I realise I don't go into as much detail as I used to, but that's the way it goes, you can only say the same thing so many times. I hope you find it interesting, if nothing else.

I have a list of people to name check by the way, which I'm just about to. If you're not in it I apologise. However, the winner is: THE QUO ARMY! As ever, we couldn't do it without you lot, I'm telling you, it's such a buzz to walk out on that stage every night and see people really up for a rockin' party, and then watching people as they're leaving, from the front of the bus (as I like to do) is an unbeatable vibe...

Have a great Christmas, see you out there somewhere next year.

Night xxxxx

Name check list (mine by the way): Laura (stop crying yer gert nit!x), Simone, Hayley, Jill, Daisy, Watutsi Woman, Cindy and Julie, the lovely Maureen, Rossi Haze, Leslie, the Rita sisters, Paul? and Yvonne what wrote Goin' Quoin'(buy it!!!) Lucinda and bloke, Becky and Paul, Pepsi, Alex, Twatly, Linden, Stella, Crook,(scratch my balls), Steve and Marc, the other Jill (could be Gill) and last but not least the Crappyman. You all rock! Anyone I forgot, sorry.

Adieu luvvies, the great Eduardoxxxxxxx

PS. I got Roy Wood's autograph today! So there!

Happy New Year an' all.


Rhino top, FR and RP and Quo pics by Simon Cooper, others by Rhino.

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