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Part 7: All About Me...
Me, the 10th Earl of Teddington, alone and awake in a German hotel room and working at 10.30.am? I should bloody well cocoa. God, it's been too long (I wish) ain't it?

We've just started our tour here with the kind of; what? I don't really get this one, our current support Spider Murphy gang, more about this at a later date, although last night their guitarist put his fag out on our stage carpet. Yes, he's still alive, but only just... Hey, rock and roll eh? I'm good thanks for asking by the way.

This year is actually kind of melding (posh word that and probably wrong) (Edwards, fined 50 for excessive use of bracketeering too early on in log) (Guess what? I ain't paying.) (Yes you rootin' tootin' are) (Bang.) (Ah you got me!) The end. What a sad tale ladies and gentlemen, just goes to show the folly of writing complete tosh before 11am.

Anyway, melding into one continuous gig as I was saying (don't start that brackets shit again Edwards) I get home for a few days, then back out again, home, out, out, home, in, out, in, out, shake it all about, you do the (cont'd p.94. Now that one IS allowed). That reminds me, time to take my blood pressure pill! Actually we had September off, so what do I do? I put in a few Woodedz shows, which pleased my wife the lovely Kath no end as you can imagine... and played at a family wedding. Now THAT is stressful. Woodedz actually did a gig on Islay, one of the Western Isles off the coast of Scotland. What a FANTASTIC place that is, with the warmest friendliest people you could hope to meet, and we had a great gig with the help of some local talent. Musical talent I mean. Shane was a good harmonica player, especially on Obstruction day when he started to relax. We learnt Burning Bridges and got the lovely Lindsay, an amazing bagpipe player to play the jig bit, which was great fun. Also a special mention to local teacher Angela, who stepped in at the last minute to look adoringly into my eyes while singing "I just want to make love to you" Well I like to think that's what she would have done, but she was reading the words from a scrap of paper as she'd never sung the song before and couldn't look up. The original girl we d asked to sing with us had been airlifted to hospital that day. Isn't it amazing the lengths some people will go to so they don't have to sing with Woodedz? I hear she burst her own appendix. Thanks a lot...

Well done also to the Rock Project, local school kids who between them and their teachers got 4 acts together to support us, excellent. I'm just giving it a bit larger than usual about me because my musical exploits away from Quo are very different, and I just thought you might like to hear what I've been doing. You don't? Well that's nice, I suppose I'd better get on with it.

After the Sweden/Norway bit I was dropped in Quopenhagen airport at "4 in the morning", that's a song by Faron Young I think. Fax on wax there. I know, I can use "inverted commas" or "parentheses" instead of (brackets). God, I'm even annoying myself here.

Few days at home then off to Switzerland, where everyone else had been having a fantastic time in the sun by a beautiful lake while I'd been fixing a washing machine and gardening in the rain. Brilliant. The gig was a Festival where I got to meet Leo Lyons of Ten Years After. Supporting them was the first big gig I ever did, at the Rainbow in London, 1974 I think it was. Very nice chap. I introduced myself to him and he said, "Of course I know you. I've followed your career ever since that night you supported us at the Rainbow, I always knew you'd go far" I am taking the wrong drugs, I know. Do you know what though, seriously, he didn't remember me at all. Bastard. But he knows me now, yesirree Bob.

Guess what? It started raining as we went on I believe. And like the music it got well heavy. What a drag, this is becoming a habit, GO AWAY CLOUD! PLEASE! Love the Swiss; they are so used to shit weather it doesn't seem to faze them at all, well done you Swizzers. Back to the UK for Cropredy, where of course it pissed down, funnily enough it stopped half an hour before we arrived on-site. I really like the vibe there. I also really liked the tanker lorry full of Wadworths 6X at the bar. What a good idea. Run by people (the Fairports) who are really careful about the line up, and it was pretty eclectic. Pauline Back of the Selecter was on before us. Her bass player actually told me he'd started playing bass after hearing the Judie Tzuke album "Roadnoise" which co-incidentally has just been released on CD for the first toime. That's Cornish for time by the way. He must have thought "if Edwards can get away with that, so can I". Actually it's a fine album in my book, one of my favourites I've played on.

Band site - www.rococo.ws
Record Company - www.angelair.co.uk
Buy from Amazon - www.amazon.co.uk
Talking of old albums which I now am, want a good laugh? My first proper band was called Rococo. One of the albums I played on - Run From The Wildfire has also funnily enough just been released on CD for the first time. Have a look at the cover. Gay or what?. In fact, come back Shane I think I love you. Anyway that one was recorded in 1974, and is what I would call Gentleman's music, still check it out, if only for the cover!!!

Cropredy was different; I've always wanted to play there, if only to see what the crowd thought of us. They loved it I reckon, again please.

Back to France, and a festival at a football ground, near Brest, where on my strolling I went to a war graves cemetery. Poor bastards, and to think we moan about boring stuff. Shame on us all. Another eclectic bill. An amazing kind of punky modern French folk band (they do that scene pretty well I reckon). (That's another 50 quid), then Steel Pulse, who I thought were absolute shit. Full stop. shit. So there. At least it didn't rain for them. It fucking did for us. Big time. FANTASTIC audience, they were getting soaked to the skin, all 12,000 of them and they just carried on like it wasn't even raining. I love the French, I really do, even though they're barking mad and a law unto themselves. Vive la France. Mind you I love everybody pretty much, what a Hippy!

Next...Braunschweig, where it didn't rain! In a field, where our temporary bus driver Brian nearly lost at least one limb after thinking he could do a U-turn on the grass and drove over all the cables from the stage to the mixer. He didn't lose any limbs because Glen Schmitt, our Herr Tour manager decided not to relieve him of any, although I think it was touch and go. You a lucky man Brian... Great support band, sadly their name escapes me, because they were really really good, still, go and see them anyway. Huh?

Next day the absolutely beautiful town of Schwerin, they haven't spent much money there on the refurbishments, only about a Krillion euros I'd say, stunning place. All I remember is that it was Sunday, and it didn't rain. Sorry.

Day off in Bonn, I went into town on me bike for a look around. Got to town, 5k from hotel. In town 15 minutes. Rain. This is just not funny any more. Then show day. Lovely weather, hooray! Although the gig was OBVIOUSLY under cover, otherwise more of the same crap wet stuff. Gig had quite a low decibel limit so I suspect we weren't as punchy as we could have been, but as usual we had some fun up there. Canned Heat opening for us, hmmm. They nearly split up in their soundcheck! Huge argument which I wasn't privy to but it sounded incredibly Spinal Tapesque. They were a bit amateur I thought, I think you could say they were on a budget. Shame really, 'cos I didn't think they were that good, and I loved Al "blind owl "Wilson, who was only with us for a short time, one of the great blues voices for me.

As for Hanau I'm afraid, I remember nussink. In fact I just referred to the Dr.Lee site (www.leehawkins.com to see if it jogged my memory, now THAT'S a comprehensive Quo gig listing, you should check it out if you don't recall the date of your first Quo gig, just remember the year and the site will do the rest. Oh, and give him some cash as well, that must take up quite an amount of time.

Arbon next in Switzerland, Monster Magnet on before us, don't get it I'm afraid, but they went down well. I had an unbelievable hangover I must confess. Me and the man from Barnes went to an Italian restaurant the night before. I got drunk and he didn't. Good gig though, a tad of rain but not too much. They do a good festival site them Swissish.

Last bit for a while I think was Altusried, in the middle of Bavaria, beautiful natural amphitheatre in the middle of nowhere with a huge wooden stand for the billy, beautiful and bloody freezing. And a bit wet.

My new song:
I'm gonna be in Zwickau
I'm gonna get my di (nearly rhymes with Zwickau. Just add a T. Bugger. Another 50 sovs).
Work in progress for the next album? What d'yer reckon?

That's yer lot.
Soon xxx

PS. Go to Islay.


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Rococo Cover
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