Rhino's Quid Pro Quo Tourlog 2011  
Part 1:
Back On The Road

Waschsalon Wotcha, orwite? Greetings from a sodden Bremerhaven, where we are playing tomorrow, Friday. Work it out for yourselves what day it is, I'm not going to help you.

Mister rock and roll, that's me by the way, did my washing today. Nothing unusual about that I know. Saddest thing is that the launderette is about 2ks away and I didn't even need a map, been there so many times before. Funnily enough they've done it up now, not only with personalised matches, which of course I took a box of, but their own website! "Why not bring those soiled britches, dirty duvets, smelly socks and mankinis to the brand new rebranded 118,000,000,000th wonder of the world, the 90 60 30 Waschsalon. Free tea and coffee, comfy chairs, creche (I kid you not folks) books and helpful staff, central location, open 365 days per year except weekdays. (Actually I made that bit up. Could you tell?). Waschsalon they call it, not Launderette, far too down market. Why not take a butchers at the site, www.90-60-30-waschsalon.de Go on, enjoy yourselves!

There are some musicians who are, to quote the words of wisdom of a certain prod I know "Road dogs" and there are some who work away from home a lot. I suspect I fall in the former category. I don't know how someone could do the second. I suppose for the money, how dull though. This is a way of life, not a job. That's wot I fink anyway.

You will also be pleased to know we now have some Peruvian readers. So to make things easier for them I will only use words other members of Quo can understand, like tit, willy, bum, poo, antidisestablishmentarianism and twat. Does that help? ? I say this to welcome them to Rhino world and inform them, as indeed all of you that for the last 4 days I have had no oilys, pigs, wonga, donkeys, and for the last 3 weeks spudulikas and sarnies.

By the way, check out Matt's latest blog, right riveting read that. He be an 'ard man that one. Well he would be, he's a drummist. Also big congratulations from all of us at Rhino Towers to the lovely Rose Letley, who today found out she has achieved a first in fashion promotion and communication at Nottingham University. Well done Rose, I'm glad everything I taught you paid off. xxx

No Bratkartoffeln Just nipping off to dinner with R.Parfitt, German kitchen, got to be done, though with no Bratkartoffeln (fried spuds) could be not so gut. Spaters.

Back now. What a load of toot that was, never mind, win some lose some. Right...

A French tour. We seem to be spending more and more time in France, which is no bad thing for me, and completely contrary to the prevailing conditions here in Germany, it really was pretty much perfect Spring weather. A packed show in Lille (Rioja reserva I think) was a great way to start, then on to Lyon for a day off (vin blanc, organised by the man from Barnes, not for me that one, too sweet. Honestly, I ask you, calls himself a bon viveur.) before the Sunday gig, where we'd sold 2,500 tickets, not bad you'd think. Only trouble was you could get 30,000 in there, so it was a weird experience. Mother's day as well, and I wasn't at home. 'Er behind the doors birthday as well, not exactly Percy Popular. Bugger that though, BRENTFORD LOST AT WEMBLEY!!!!! AAAAAGH!!!! Nuff said about that anyway, I'm over it now... Just.

Clermont Ferand, went for a cycle ride with that Andy May, panacher (shandy to you riff raff), no recollection of the gig. Actually it just came back to me. The audience were intently listening to each song as opposed to the overall vibe of the show, so some went down better than others. However by the end mesdames and messieurs were 'aving ze ball. Spell check is a real bastard when you talk foreign or cockney geezer y'know. Marseille, róse at lunch, bought a shopping trolley for the country seat, really! let's fucken rock eh? Met some lovely French Billie walking along wiv me trolley, which I've this minute named Offme. They didn't say a word about it, which was nice. Rocked out.
Day off just outside Toulouse, small town called Lavour, Crepes and Sauvignon blanc order of the day there plus brilliant cycle ride through la belle France. No memory of show but great venue, really oddly shaped on the outside. Day off in Poitiers, Côtes du Rhône, reading in a park, blinding show next day. Caen, beautiful beautiful city, thoroughly recommended for a holiday, cycle ride, more sauvignon blanc and a calvados, bought some Cider as well. when in Normandy eh?

Nancy, day off. I loved this city. By total chance found the cafe where Edith Piaf used to sing as a little girl, great experience, which of course called for a celebratory drink (Côtes du Rhône villages). Rouen, last show, drunk the cider and went home. Do you think I might be running out of things to say about the gigs? Me, the third Earl of Twickenham? Or is it because I was vewy, vewy, drunk at the time.

My mother in law tells me I have the life of Riley and she ain't far wrong. So there you have it, that's our latest foray into France. We are actually having to work really hard to get back to where we were some years ago, which is where we want to be. So we play to smaller crowds, and it costs us to go there, but we want to take the full production with us, we never shortchange the Billy, that's not fair. You know there is still a shitload of ambition in this band, and long may it last. Amen.

One more thing re the French tour, the opening act for the tour, Willie and the Bandits. What lovely guys, really into their music, they and their crew did a great job every night warming up the crowd for us, look forward to catching them at a gig of their own.

Lincoln I do remember, BRRR!! great to play in the UK, but an outdoor show in Lincolnshire in the middle of May. I think it was called Midsummer magic. When we were on stage I remember thinking they should have called it Midsummer madness it was so bloody cold. Good though, and well done to Billy for freezing along with us, you were not alone.
Rhino in cycling mode
Next to Denmark and a show on the day of release of our new album Quid Pro Quo, which brings me nicely on to a little bit of a chat about it. Regardless of what anyone thinks about it, I, and as it's me writing this, ergo I am the most important person at this keyboard at present, think that Track 3, Dust To Gold, is the best song this band has recorded since I joined. I love it, it's very dark and different by our standards and all the better for that. Amazing lyrics from Andrew. Not a single I think, but a modern Quo classic. It's nice to see and hear so many positive comments about it. However, If you don't like it fine, but some of the negative comments are along the lines of, "Who do they think they are, that Rhino and Andy? They're just session players and are trying to take over the band" And as for that bloke on the Message board, Musiktherule or something like that who only seems to come on the Message board and criticise, his comment was, "it's boring after 2 minutes" You are boring after 2 seconds mate, I can tell you.

Anyway,I also really like Track 1, Two Way Traffic. I happen to think it's a Paper Plane for the 21st century. Of course it couldn't possibly be as the lyrics to Paper Plane make so much sense.

I also like Track 4, Let's Rock. Doesn't a line in the first verse go, "I like it, I like it, oh my god I just come", or something like that? And yes, we would like you to shout YEAH YEAH YEAH LET'S ROCK at every available opportunity, even during Living on an Island if you like. Actually that might be quite a good thing!

I like pretty much all of the album, Movin' on on has a great rockin vibe about it as does Frozen hero, another fan favourite I believe. We missed out on doing a well heavy shuffle, but no one came up with one, we don't do this stuff to order you know. So, a big Quid Pro Quo thumbs up from me at the moment. I agree with Francis it could have been 2 tracks shorter, but which 2 I wouldn't like to say, I'm sure each one of us has a different idea. Reality cheque is quite a cheeky groover by the way, in my book anyway.

You'll just have to wait for Denmark and the rest, as I'm bored. And sober, having not had a bev for 4 days Do you think there's a connection?

Tara X

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www.90-60-30-waschsalon.de, Bratkartoffeln, Vino, Rhino by Andy May

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