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Part 2:
Souperman Where Are You?

Well, as our new single Two Way Traffic or TWT as it is known as on the message board is released today I thought it a good time to recommence my literary machinations vis a vis the Status Quo.
Which I shall henceforth set out in a digital fashion...

It started with a cuppa soup. Isn't it strange, that such a thing could remind me I was well late with my Golb (which is Blog spelt backwards). Because I'm always on the look out for something bizarre, and in Sweden on Saturday I was at a supermarket, and saw a cuppa soup packet. Nothing strange about that, except it was for fruit soup. It tasted DISGUSTING!!!!!! But I just thought that was something I could share with you, I'm sure I could come up with a moral of the story whatever, but as I can't at the moment I won't.

Isn't it great, Two Way Traffic getting all this airplay! At least it is in the UK. I wonder if it'll get released in Europe, record companies work in mysterious ways don't they. It's nice to be on the radio anyway.

We played in Denmark when the album came out I remember, and there were a few heads being scratched as to why it wasn't even mentioned. Including mine. Hey, I don't do the talking. If I remember rightly it was at one of these places where they find old houses from around the country, take them down and reassemble them in a field for all to come and look at. They could do that with my country seat actually, just hitch it up a lorry and tow it there. As it is a caravan. 34' x 12' 3 bedroomer with a shed as well! Luxury or what? Actually it is great most of the time unless it's pissing with rain. Or snowing. Or too hot. Or too cold. Anyway, when it's none of the above it is the business.

Back to the gig.I think there was also a touch of rain. Scanderborg or whatever it's called, nice town with a marina, the venue was still being rebuilt, so a bit of a mud bath as of course it rained loads. Good though, I remember enjoying it.

Next was a festival in Hellendorn, Holland, where I found the best cuppa soup ever, a Knorr limited edition no less, Pommadorro, fan bloody tastic. Verified by the man from Barnes, whose Unfinished Business album is great. No, it's not great, it's really great.

Hot gig in a marquee, with the oh so fetching site of Mr A. Crook in a wedding dress, as it was Steve's (whose surname escapes me. Actually it hasn't. I've never been told it) stag do, which I hear was a very mild affair. Yes, of course Alan. Great show as well, fabulous Billy.

Just calling Lloyd to see if he can remember Aarberg, and he can. But he won't tell me, so I have spent time checking back, and it duly (or should that read dully?) came back to me. It was in Switzerland, and they were playing England in a Euro 2012 qualifier, 2 all I think it was at the end, I think that leaves the Swiss in the shit, and I know a thing or 2 about being in the shit, I can tell you. Some other time maybe.

In the town square, good German band on first, then us, and with a spectacular introduction half way through the show, "my lords ladeees and gennelmen! Will you please put your umbrellas together for THE CLOUD!!!!!" Yippee! Not. It pissed down, but no one left, what a great bunch.

Thetford in Norfolk next after a couple of days off, then on to start the German tour and the debut of 3 songs off our new disc in Gelsekirchen. Nice to spot Billy and Ali in the crowd there, what a great vibe they are. Pretty good for a first run we all thought, Two Way Traffic is really hard to sing but no pain no gain I say. Rock n' Roll and You much heavier than the record, with Let's Rock a real belter. Almost a classic that song I reckon. I think I'll only start talking about the shows where it didn't rain for now.

The end.

Ok, shit joke over. By the way, re the London riots, did you read that Tottenham have signed 2 new players? There's the Moroccan Mustapha Plasma, and their hot new Italian striker Grabatelli.

What about that, eh? We can't just lock them all up, in fact we can and are doing so, but I reckon those morons made it harder to be young and black at a stroke, as if it needed to be.

Like so many things in life, a few spoil it for the many.
I don't like to voice any political feelings of mine on here, but all this has its roots I reckon with the destruction of the working class in the eighties. Since then a strata of society has been ignored, and we do so at our peril. Thatcher's legacy will not be judged well long term, you mark my words. I know that's a rambling piece of stuff but we have to do something to get an inclusive society, not this Big Society bollocks. Local is where the bridge building should start I think, no idea how to do it, but we have to get our society back in order.

Anyway, where's the drugs? Aah that's better, almost straight there I was. Dresden, Sunday. Appalling catering, rain, then on to Hamburg for 2 days off, which was nice as I'm still not drinking. Got on me bike and did a fair amount around town, it's going to be amazing there when they regenerated all the dock areas, nearly as good as Munich, but no cigar. Bremerhaven, nice weather during the day, which of course meant we were playing indoors, with Golden Earring and BAP. Didn't get to hear either, but the man from Barnes told me that Golden Earring were really really good. Who am I to argue with the man who wrote Saddling Up? Late show as well.

On to the best place in Germany, Munich, for a soup in the Victualle markt with me new best German mate Robert and his other half Janina, in fact I've played the bass guitar on her new single, “Dastard beasts”.

Isn't it strange how soup is a constant feature of this log. I was only talking about David Lee Broth the other day as well. Now stop igKnorring me! I'll get all Cross and Blackwell. Wow, where did that come from?

The gig, in Konigsplatz was a biggun with us and The Spider Murphy gang, about 15 thousand Willhelm, and I don't think we were very good to be honest, that's how it goes sometimes, the weather had been amazing for a week before the show and the forecast was for another week of sunshine directly after, and while it didn't piss down it was just gruesome. Not an enjoyable 100 minutes for me. I must be English the way I talk about the weather all the time, but this is getting beyond a joke I can tell you Coco.

Last day of the tour in Ulm, beautiful day, beautiful town, beautiful bike ride along the beautiful Danube river with the beautiful Andy May (what? Shome misshtake sshurely) Anyway, you get my drift, smashing it were.
Great hot show and then home. Which was nice.

Cornbury next, the festival commonly known as Poshstock. And very nice it was too, v. friendly. Saw a band that really blew me away, different I think you could say. They're called Borderville www.borderville.com you wanna hear something you never heard before check it out innit. Great crowd as well.

Belgium, nice gig in a tent, which was lucky for the usual reason, an eclectic mix of acts, ranging from teenyboppers to us and then Papa Roach, who were apparently amazing, but I never saw them as we had to fly to the North of Norway, 300 miles from the North pole or something like that. The sun doesn't go down from April to October then vice versa. Weird. But the locals seemed really happy, and who wouldn't be with scenery like that. We went on at 9.30 pm, the first gig I ever had to wear sunglasses on, the glare was so strong. Walking round the festival it was like a bomb site, but apparently when it all finishes everyone gets out bin liners and takes their litter home.
Just like England then....

That'll do ya. xxxxxx.

Missing you already.

All pictures by Rick van Gerven.

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