Rhino's Tourlog 2012  
Part 3:
I Love Ted

ted I love Ted Nugent. Gonzo and bonkers, but he is a real character. He has, or at least had his own Gonzo biltong, which I believe is also called beef jerky, a chewing beef if you can imagine that. Anyway, long story short as my good friend Mr. Michael Hrano might say, it comes/came in 3 flavours. Natural, Barbeque and Flame Thrower. That really made me laugh when I saw it.

Actually I reckon he's a seriously underrated rock player, but that's what you get for advocating gun ownership, the right to kill animals with crossbows, making veiled threats to kill Obama and the benefits of temperance. He does kids summer camps, can you imagine? The music tends to get pushed to the background.

Just had a look at the Quo message board. Wow! The reunion. Anyone want to know my thoughts? Not really? Oh well, you're going to get them anyway. Actually no you're not, as after reading the MB there would no doubt be some kind of sarcastic response to anything I said. But I'll be there for at least one of the shows, I'm going to count the number of times people say “come to see how it's done, eh?”

I'm looking forward to it, I just really hope it's good. For some people it will be enough that the FF are on a stage together, and I get that completely, I just hope it rocks like a mother, if it does I'll be down the front rockin' on. If they decide to carry on with it, that's showbiz!

Right, next. Getting a finished copy of Bula Quo, the movie! in the next few days, I hear it may be coming out the same week as the FF shows begin, what a publicity coup eh?

By the way, we're doing a limited edition Christmas album for next year, if you have any ideas, please mail me, rhino@statusquo.co.uk

Michael Hrano. We aren't working with him any more and vice versa. I'm really gutted that I shan't be seeing his ugly mug at any shows, while he talks three hundred to the dozen while getting pissed on 2 pints, I shall miss our cheap dates especially, I'm sure he and I will do stuff at a later stage. As the late Grant Coleman his former employee was, Mike is a top man and I'm proud to call him my friend. Now where's that fiver, Hrano? I know, I owe you an ?undred smackers Mike.
Back to the real world. To continue where I left off re Logworld, the next shows were a real change for us. Flew to Nice, yah? Day off in Juan les pins, yah? Concert in Antibes (you see, posh now? One does not gig in Antibes). Well they called it Antibes, but it was about 20 metres from our hotel, that was a first, walking to the concert (you see?) along le beach V. nice crowd as well, the French are such a beautiful race, they do have a certain style. I call it phwoarr! The women are nice as well. They call it je ne sais quis, I don't know, eh?

The shows were a change because there weren't that many of them! We then flew to Bad Krozingen, right near the Black forest and a show at a spa town after 2 days free there. It was great going to the Spa pools, apart from the fact the water was boiling, I was probably the youngest person there! Except for my frau who was with me for the week.

Nice gig actually, outdoor and rammed. The PA speakers were on the stage, the bass was soooo looudd! It was almost too much even for me. Note I said almost. It was pretty awesome.

Then an 8 hour drive through Austria to Kaltern in north Italy, where it was another one show in 3 days. Big approval from that Kath, we had a great time there, even got to meet up with my good friend Beesman Dave and Anna, his Italian other half, who were there on holiday, which was nice. Beesman Dave, is that a clue which team he supports? We are doing rather well by the way. I shall be at Notts County versus Brentford on Saturday if anyone wants to ply me with alcohol.

This is the second time I've advertised the fact of my attendance, got blown out by some lightweight so called friends after the last ad, “sorry, not allowed to come,” you'll get yer comeuppance at the Pearly, or in the case of Francis Rossi Purley gates, you mark my worms...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, in Italy, what a great show, 5 thousand all ready to rock, a memorable night. Kath had to go home next day, so we dropped her in Milan, don't know where, we just dropped her.

We went on to the airport and flew to La Coruna in Spain for another 3 days off with one show. I LOVE it there, not too touristic, what an amazing place to people watch. Poor buggers, this recession is really grim there, I cannot imagine how it must be in Greece. The gig was in a place called Cambre, it was a total dustbowl, by the time I came of I looked more like I was in Dexys! Anyway, that was the end of that little holiday, sorry European tour part 337.

You know, I don't remember anything about the show in Bochum, and I only remember the town of Kamenz, right near the Czech republic I believe, sorry about that.

However, on to Shetland, that was something else, what a different place. Apparently it can blow a force 12 gale for days at a time. Really, really friendly folk, we did a charity show run by a chap whose 10 year old son was watching telly, went upstairs to get something and died. What can you say? Nothing really.

On to Inverness, where I tasted the mighty Haggis for the first time. Yum! Of course the weather was shit, but a very wet crowd had a great time I reckon.
On to Swansea, where we played with the very excellent Bad Influence (that's a line some DJ used to say when I used to go to the Frax club Southall and watch bands in the 60s. ”that was the very excellent Iron Butterfly” Now THAT'S a crap name for a band if ever I heard one. I wanted to start a group and call it Free Drinks...

Got it! Andy Dunkley was the name of the DJ. He was a real head maan.... Used to get really stoned on some really heavy Leb, didn't smoke straights either. You have to be over 55 for that one folks I reckon.

Speaking of Bad Influence, I think they are really really good, and could well support the FF in my book. If any of you FF followers are coming to Quof*** by the way, let me know if you agree.

You can mail me in confidence by the way, so none of the other FF fans know you've been to see us...

Of course the weather in Swansea had been atrocious, but I walked round to Mumbles, where Gaynor Hopkins lives. You may know her as Bonnie Tyler, who joins us on QuoF*** in a couple of days. I remember her going on stage in Norway at the same festival as us years ago, she was on about 2am and the hotel was about 50 feet from the PA. And it didn't get dark either. Same night, some bloke called Tonto a nigger in the hotel bar. Big mistake....Ah the good old days, racism, fighting and Bonnie Tyler. Rock and fucken' roll baby!

The Swansea gig I remember. Man were playing, I bought their first single, Sudden Life in 1968 and met Deke Leonard, which, again. was nice. I also heard the most boring band ever. Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. What piffle.

Hyde Park. That was a good day. I was standing outside the dressing room when this kid, about 17 walks up. “Hello” he says, “do you remember me?” I told him he looked familiar, which he did. “You knocked me over a couple of years ago” What an introduction! And of course it was David, the kid who'd run out in front of me and I'd hit him full on with a Ford Galaxy, one of the most awful things ever to happen to me.

Anyway, I was really nervous on the gig, the in ear monitors sounded like they kept picking up a minicab company, and Rick's didn't work at all, I reckon we were the best thing of the day though, got the place really vibing. Special mention to the Average White band as well, who were anything but average. By the way, I went to see a really good little band recently. Only a 3 piece, so touring can be well cheap. I reckon they're really going to crack it. Muse, they're called.

Right, all done for now, off to bed in Gateshead, love it up here I do.

Night pet. x

Pictures by Damon King at Kew 2012
Except Ted, photographer unknown.

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