Before I continue with my Log, I have a few things to say about Matthew Roger Letley.

I have known 2 total gentlemen in my music career, Colin Cooper of the Climax blues band and Matthew. We go back a long time us 2, 1983 or something like that. Back then, as now, he let his drums do the talking but that didn't hide the fact that beneath that quiet exterior there was a really great guy. As I've got to know him more over the years, I've come to enjoy his subtle humour and wry observations in equal measure, sort of 6 of one and half a dozen of the other really.

Along with some of the best gigs this band has played since 1986 we've had some fine fine times together, he is a hard act to follow. I know I speak for all of us in wishing Matt well for the future, and I look forward to seeing him and Val out there sometime soon. New Year's eve, my place, in fact.

He's the sort of bloke you'd want with you in the trenches, enough said.

Cheers mate.


Yowzah yowzah yowzah! Yeah! I'm frickin' rockin' here, y'all, I just got to sing Get out of Denver with the mighty Eddie and the Hot Rods at soundcheck! Whoo!! What a mighty fine band, geesers to a man.

By the way, this log is supposed to begin with me reminding one and all of my absolutely hilarious reminiscences during the last 4 shows of the of the Quid pro Quo tour. However, there's a new font/whatever you call it for the Made in Britain tour with my name upon't in fancy lettrin' an'all that sir, and as I'm a poseur (French for poser), I am bringing forward the end of QPQ by 4 shows so I can see it. So there.

So, the first show of the made in Britain tour was NOT in Munich, but Schupfart in Switzerland, although bizarrely the hotel was in Germany, a tent festival with a fantastic covers band called Tarantino, playing songs used in his films, really great idea. Hot, loud, and noisy, of course I'm referring to me here. No, not smelly as well...What is it with Austria? I love the place but I can't remember the shows. I recall a beer and a mighty fine lunch with Andrew and me new best mate George, maybe the beer(s) had something to do with it.

Next, and now for something completely different. Bucharest. That was interesting. The evening we got there, some of the crew got chased by a pack of wild dogs, 4 legged ones as well. Me, I found a bar/restaurant full of top Slavic tottski, ate pasta with LOADS of garlic, just how I like it, drinking fine house red wine, football on the telly, and you could SMOKE. Something I very rarely do, but if you can't beat ?em.... Interesting place, out all day next day, some parts really touristic crap, I have never seen more Police in a city so some issues, but some of the architecture, amazing. They modelled a lot of it on Paris apparently, and it shows. Gig in an Eastern European looking theatre, v. good.

You know, as I'm writing this I also happen to be listening to an album by jazz pianist Bill Evans, called "Everybody digs Bill Evans". Nice...

Onwards with an early flight to Sofia. Bulgaria, I always thought they named it after a Womble, but I was wrong. Silly me. A cab into town with de man from Barnes innit, out for a somewhat I have to say languid lunch with some fine Bulgarian wines. When we arrived they asked me if I wanted to eat al fresco, but I said no thanks, we'll sit outside.


Quite a sparse crowd as they say (normally at Brentford FC, who by the way won on Saturday. No thanks to any of you lot by the way, I had to cadge drinks off of Lloyd. We are (joint) top of the League, I say we are (joint) top of the League!) By the way I was talking about the gig in Sofia for those of you who'd drifted off. Great to see the Greek Quo army there, Tassos, Spiros and all, really makes it special for me to play for people who've really come a long way and who don't get to see us that often.

By the way, the Romanian wine was amazing as well as the Bulgarian. Been buying a few on me travels, I have Austrian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Australian, Spanish, Italian and French wine available for my Christmas day. I'm dreaming of a drunk Christmas, there's another one for the Christmas album, which by the way was a wind up. Thanks though to those that made suggestions, you know who you are, I won't name and shame you!

Backstage at the NEC, Spud just walked in by the way, which was nice. Off next to Germany, with newish set. I know we can't win with the set, I hope those of you that reunionise will get to hear what you want, but I bet there'll be the same gripes!

Munich, me not well, Regensburg me not well, Frankfurt me not well, Stuttgart me better.

2 days off in Berlin, my loverlee Frau arrived, much fun and tourism, if you ever go there take the tourist bus around town, fascinating, really. Went to the Gestapo/SS headquarters, that was an interesting place. If you were a dissenter against the Nazis when they first got in, were you ever in the shit. No wonder they achieved what they did in such a short time, they had ATTITUDE.

The laws they passed within 3 months alone... Bypassing Parliament for legislation, Disbandment of Unions, boycott of Jewish Business among others, no wonder they nearly won the war... Completely changing the subject almost, Winston Churchill was asked whether he'd learned anything from the German air raids on the UK he replied he'd learnt that the Germans were very punctual. droll or what?

Great, f****** boing show, what does a boing show mean? I dunno. Cologne, large club, hated venue by Francis, loved by yours truly, had me a real good time, on to Aurich, where as I'm sure all you potato lovers know is the area where they grow Solina potatoes, surely the best ever. Anyway I bought some and took them home to Blighty, a very subtle pun there. Do you know what it is? Do you? Do you, Andy Pandy? Do you, Looby Lou? Sorry, not digressing but regressing back to Andy Pandy. That ought to go down well with our Panamanian readers that...


Anyway, dun that wun, it were well laad y'know. Day off in Strasbourg, which I wrote about in part 2 2012. Keep up!. Day in Paris, what a place, unlike anywhere else on the Planet, casino de Paris, shithole, my kind of place, great young support band, no idea of the name but very kick arse. On to Amsterdam, the arena there, Ajax were playing next door the same night. Fancy naming a football team after a cleaning powder! Got to be at least 55 to get that one. And they lost. As opposed to the mighty Bees, who can not stop winning, third round of the cup, still (joint) top of the League.

Anyway, on to Denmark, Frederiksvaerk, and no I can't pronounce it. Viborg, lovely town. By the way, I did Movember this year, but it was so crap I'm not allowing any pictures of the short ginger bumfluff that emanated from my upper lip to be made public.

Never mind, on to Gent for 2 more days off, this time with my Freddie, we went to see the Dandy Warhols, the WORST band I think I've ever seen. When they started I thought they were still tuning up! Went with Fred and the devil himself, Mr. Andy May. Cue hangover from hell next day, thought I was going to pass out at least 5 times during the show, which I think was great, I just don't know.

Not doing the UK bit until next year folks, by the time I do that, the Frantic Four will have done their thing, I'll be nearly 60, and the Bees will be runaway League leaders.

Have a great Xmas and New Year one and all, let's Rock!!!!!

Seeya, Rhinoid. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Pictures by Simon Cooper from the 02
Amazing stage lighting by Pat Marks

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