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And there's more!

I think that was the catchphrase of one Jimmy Cricket, a Northern Irish comedian who is/was about as funny as the late funny/absolute sac o' shite Frank Carson dependent on your view. But then there's always more when you cover the Tour that never ends.

Anyway, more of that in a mo. This afternoon ladiesandgennelmenboysangirls I want to tell you of the new band of that Freddie Edwards. They're called Runner. They are opening the Quo show at Bedford on August 24th, on at 6.15, so if you read this and you're going to be there do me a favour and be early. I think they are excellent, I wouldn't be bigging them up so much if I didn't think they were. Plus they owe me money. They're also doing a warm up gig the night before at the gig Lloyd runs in Turnpike lane. It's the Westbury, 57, Westbury Ave, London N22 6SA. They're on quite early, about 9, don't be late as they're so young their mums want them in bed early.

The temporary website is www.therunnerofficial.com if you feel you want to check out their stuff, it's demos but they're good. You have no excuse for not seeing them, I don't care if you live in Peru! Just get a flight over, if you do that I'll get you a half price ticket for the show… They're also supporting Carousel Vertigo at the borderline in October, I'll let you know when soon enough.
Woodedz Live!
Another one, this one is a Charity show I'm doing with Woodedz for Simon Cooper, who had a lung transplant a year ago today, which seems to be working well. So well in fact that he's the drummer in the house band, it's in aid of Papworth hospital, only a tenner, money very well spent I can assure you. Tickets on sale now from www.dugdalecentre.co.uk or call 020 8807 6680.

Oh yes, it's on Sept 7th, with Simon's band, Freddie and Jay from Runner, did I mention them earlier? And el Woodedos, with Greengo Maaax on drums and Frederico the Tostado bandit on geeteerre with a mystery guest vocalist for a couple of songs. Actually it's Alan Crook, I hate secrets.

WTF was that as you modern children like to exclaim, and I agree! Hey I'm down with the hood you know, I'm no square Daddy-oh.

The Bees are going up! Definitely! 110 per cent! It's a cert! In fact the same as every other season, only we never do. But this shall be it.

 Reet, back to business.

Matt kindly stayed on until his successor was rehearsed in, so he did Mexico as agreed. Mexico city. What a place. Filthy, polluted, noisy, crowded, chaotic. In fact exactly my kind of place.

I adore it there, the street food is amazing, the people are really friendly, and we played in Neza! Funnily enough, the same day the Bees got beaten was the gig in Mexico City proper, I went to a Mexican Premier league game, which was in the venue next to the bull ring we were playing in. Amazing football, a fiver to get in, and the away fans got free tickets and transport from their area!!! UK Premier league? Put it where the sun don't shine. Money talks, that's what it's all about. Oh the Okey Cokey! X 3. Knees bend arm stretch rah! rah! rah!. Sorry, "that's what it's all about" just now made me think of that. Anyway, 2 unforgettable shows, especially Neza for the man from Barnes, whose organ was on a dodgy power supply, hence making him out of tune with everyone else. Ouch!

We then played Matt's last show in St. Tropez, playing to lots and lots and lots of Harley Davidson owning bikers.

Weird gig for me, as Matt was my suggestion for the drum chair back in the day, and it was the end of an era, but shit happens in life. He's back to being Lord of the Letley manor as far as I know, pondering his next move while living in a caravan. Really. Not that he's fallen on hard times, he's just having the Manor rebuilt and living in the grounds. Lucky him, living in a caravan, I absolutely love mine, will be there next week, can't wait.

This brings me nicely onto the new drummer, the young enough to be my son Leon Cave ladeesangennelmenboysangirls!! Especially the girls. I have noted, with more than a little jealousy and anger that my position as no. 1 heartthrob in the band has been usurped by this upstart. Ok, he's half Spanish, good looking, nearly half my age and available, so what? Just because when I'm asked to come upstairs and make love I reply I can only do one or the other, there's no need to desert me in the droves you appear to have done, well good riddance. Oh yes, and he's a really great geeser as well, just don't tell him I told you. Oh yeah, 60. I am. Weird. Free prescriptions, hmmm. Bus pass. odd. No-one's offered me their seat on a bus or train yet, they'd better not!!!!!
Leon and Rhino
So, first gig with Leon. No pressure for him then, just the 30,000 punters, in the middle of Frankfurt. Great planning that, we're on stage at the same time as Munich versus Dortmund in the Champion's League final. Anyway, the boy done good, very good, I imagine he must have been shitting himself, I would have been.

 It's not better or worse with Leon, it's just different. Every time someone else comes in your playing changes ever so slightly, whether you're aware of it or not, unless you never listen to anyone else anyway. Believe me I've played with a few of those bastids in my time. Murder it is. You can't compare him and Matthew as players at all, they both have different strengths.

One thing's changed, the volume on stage. LOUD!!!!

Onwards to Holland, then Sweden RAWK!

I spent all day there, and saw Sur (eye of the the tiger) vivor, Rick (Jessie's girl) Springfield, Thunder, Amon Amarth (Rick's new favourite band, bizarrely) and to close the show Kiss. They were appaling, dreadful, 1/10, and that was for the lights. Rush were on the following night, now I reckon that would have worth staying behind to watch. Leon was pretty nervous that day he told me later, but you'd never have known, and we went really well.

The Bula! Quo Album came out that day as well I think, yet another top 10 UK album! Thanks y'all for that, very nice too. I love Fiji Time, my Ska song, great for the film and a brilliant vocal from Francis as well, don't worry, we won't be playing it on the Winter tour, now there's some good tickets to be had there. Us and the Uriah Heeps in Germany and us and the 10CCs in the UK. Talking of Heep, RIP Trevor Bolder, what a great bass player and lovely man.

Next to Derry, went out with Leon and saw a bar with a Quo covers band playing, the Matchstick men they were called. I asked them if I could do a song with them, which they kindly allowed me to do, good band that one. One thing you notice about a lot of bands in smaller venues is that they turn up the treble controls on their amplifiers, and it nearly takes your head off when you're up there! Anyway, it made the BBC Northern Ireland news. Nice one guys, hope that ups your profile a bit.

I also met one of my many (apparently) Internet Nemeses (if that's the word), FF for ever etc. Derry Quo is his moniker. He's a very nice bloke, bought me a pint as well. In fact that makes him a very very nice bloke.

What a gig! Boiling hot and noisy with a brilliant audience, best one since Leon arrived.

And then, The London Premiere of Bula Quo! - wot an action-packed comedy funforallthefamily caper that were!

Why is it women always seem to wear shoes to special occasions that cripple them after about 40 feet? Well that's my experience anyway; you end up walking at about 1 mile an hour with someone who is in agony and grimacing? I think so guys...

New Hairstyle! Anyway, party afterwards at the Café de Paris, which was nice, at least I think so, my head was rather sore the next day.

Austria, 3 shows, one stand alone, at Kufstien in an old castle, great venue, then 2 shows with Zed Zed top. I refuse to be Americanised, so they are Zed Zed, and that's it. Great lineup, Roger Chapman, Steve Winwood, us and then the Tops. Got my picture taken with Dusty Hill, and had a chat with Steve Winwood. Yes, that Steve Winwood. You may touch the hand which has shaken his for a small fee. It was a great show, we went really well, as did Zed Zed. Neither band takes anything away from each other, what a great ticket.

First show indoor, second outdoor, Andy Murray won Wimbledon the second day, well done the British player...

Then Rochester castle on a balmy English evening, beautiful location, 2 more German shows, including one in Calw, birthplace of Herman Hesse, then Scarborough, where Francis unveiled his new hairstyle. I spent the day enjoying the sun and eating fish and chips in Bridlington, what a shit life. The venue in Scarborough is weird but great, there's a lake in between the stage and the Billy, lovely evening was had by all. Anyway I'm off. We're north of Narvik in Norway today, playing at a town festival, got to eat an open face prawn sandwich folks,



Pictures by Gert Ohlsson - www.statusquo.com/sr2013/,
Woodedz poster and Premiere pic by Simon Cooper, Francis's hair by Fredy Koller.

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