davec13_01 Funny old day yesterday A game of 3 halves in fact. Got up early in Mexico city to listen to the mighty Bees playing Doncaster Rovers in a winner takes all match, in that that if we won we were promoted, if they drew or won they were promoted, as they say, all to play for. Nil nil after 94 minutes, then we get a penalty. A loan player, not even a Beesman takes it, the @$%^&* hits it against the bar, it gets cleared and the other team race up the pitch to our end and score the winning goal. As Fish, once of the band Marillion said when Scotland lost a game (a regular occurrence by the way, vicious but fair) "I'm gutted". Which indeed I was, more than ever before about a football match.

Mind you, things get put in perspective. I was looking on a Bees fan message board (now there's a topic) and one of the members wrote about how a paramedic friend of his had been killed in a work related road accident the day before. So, enough of my moaning about a stupid football match.

Back to yesterday.

Then I got the shits. Then I played probably the best show I have EVER played last night here, it was truly amazing, Matthew was sensational. He was the centre of defence alright, totally dominant, he's going to be a hard act to follow. We do have a new drummer by the way, all will be revealed in due course.

Right, preamble over, there's not much to talk about really is there?

The UK tour was OK, we have done better. A word about Eddie and the Hot Rods. I loved them, they're not the best players you ever heard, but they made a glorious noise I thought, loud 'n proud they were. And they played Get out of Denver for little ol' me. Aaah! Lovely people as well.

Bonnie Tyler, sorry our Bonnie now as she's representing us at Eurovision isn't she? Did you know her real name is Gaynor Hopkins? You do now. Sorry, digression. Bonnie was really good with a great band, it just didn't sit right with us as a ticket I think, still what do I know. I do think that us and the 10cc ticket is a good one. By the way, do you know how they got their name? I do...

Are you enjoying it so far? I know I am, quite a while since finger to digit situation occurred, what an amazeballs guy I am. Have you heard that word before? What a lot of bollocks. I recall Blackpool being the highpoint for me on that tour as it happens.
Right. The reunion. I want to go on the record here. I didn't think it was very good. I went to watch it at Hammersmith Odeon, and it wasn't very good. It was very very very good. I really had a good time, what a fantastic atmosphere. For me Rick was the star of the show on the playing front, it all went on around him, but people were there to see the 4 guys that made Quo the monster it became in the 70s, there was a lot of love in the room.

Nuff has some pretty obvious health issues, but he is one strong mother, it must have been really tough for him to get through that tour, but that he did with bells on it. It was great to hear Backwater done proper, and I never realised what a great song April Spring Summer and Wednesdays is. Do you think Bob Young might have been on drugs when he wrote that title? Perish the thought.

The only song I missed was Roll over Lay Down, could have done without Down Down myself, but that's just a personal thing. My only regret was that I didn't go to another show, still there you go. Will they do more?

Then it was straight off to the land where we do that supermarket ad. It must have been tough for Rick and Francis, still, chosen profession and all that.

Yeah, really tough. Got to Perth, 3 days off, went on a wine cruise with that Cindy and that Julie, talk about plying you with alcohol! Not them, the crew on the boat, stupid.

A tad bizarre when the waitress suddenly started singing Karaoke, and I did feel a bit like a herded sheep at times,go here, go there, but I can't remember that much after lunch, sorry, wine accompanied by food.

Then the first gig, in Fremantle, a really groovy town about half an hours' drive away, in a tent. I mean a TENT. I reckon there must have been 15 thousand people in that TENT, 14 thousand of them had never seen us before I reckon, but they got a brief intro to the Status Quo, and they loved it. We really tore it up, boiling hot and total rock. Rick wore the leather jacket he'd been wearing for the Frantic Four. Wrong! A great evening.
On to Sydney I think for our own show, where funnily enough a certain Mr and Mrs Lancaster popped in to say hello. He got sick the day after the tour you know, was really low for a week, but was able to come and see everyone for a while, what a nice bloke he is, thanks for the decongestants Dale as well. All the air conditioning really bunged me up, 'orrible it was. I did an interview in Sydney, and someone sent me it to listen to. I sounded like I'd been doing tons of gear up the nose.

I think we did Adelaide next, I don't recall. I just checked the Dr. Lee gig page to know where I was, and he didn't have the Aussie dates up there! Oy Lee! Sort it! Actually he did most of the Oz shows and the Frantics gigs, being a Doctor must pay well good. Well done anyway, that's a great site you have there Lee.
Adelaide, and I met up with me old mate Lloyd Owusu. You know, the one I wrote the gayest football song ever about. That said, I think it's great. He came to the show, and I saw Daisy, yes mad Pam who'd come over for some shows with Sharon, Hazel and Mr. and Mrs. Puppy. I seem to recall Scottish Helen being at that one as well. Anyway, she was mouthing "is that Owusu?" You're famous at last Lloydie, incidentally one of the nicest people I've ever met.

By the way, big respect to all of you that made it over for shows, top marks.

Then Brisbane I think, no, Brisbane was after Sydney and we had a day off, it's all coming back.

I am so rock and roll me, I was in a Launderette and noticed a, shall we say, house of ill repute across the street. I started wondering how many people have popped in there for an interlude, actually sex, while their washing is being done. I suppose that's what they call a service wash.

We saw Roy Lynes at the gig next day, you'd never know he was from the UK, sounds like an Aussie now. He must be getting on a bit, I think he was the oldest of the original band. Mind you aren't we all getting on. I'm 60 on May 9th, I've started getting letters about Pensions, quite depressing really. I've also outlived my dad, he was just 59 when he died, poor bloke. Miss you Dad xxx

Byron Bay, another festival, another TENT, another great show, met 2 guys from the Dropkick Murphys, have you ever checked them out? They look a great live act. We were driven there by the lovely Lyndl, who even bought me a pie. I love the pies there, the business if you ask me.

Then it was Adelaide, or was it? A mad day getting to bumf*** nowhere, sorry, Denilquim or something like that, a festival. Santana was on before us. BORING!!!! Great musicians but give me a break, and I don't mean guitar break.

Then Melbourne, last show, sold out Palais theatre at St. Kilda, a right shithole, therefore I loved it, somewhat of a basstrap, which means the bass rattles around a lot and is really loud in the room. Oh dear.

That's about it, except for some of my thoughts about the Quo message board and the closure of it. It seems to me it used to be a pretty fun place to be, but the tone has changed over the last year or 2. It was really quite nasty at times, and Gert and Mike were kept really busy moderating it. Ironically, since the reunion was announced and after the shows it just started getting out of hand. I had a look around the web, and there doesn't seem to be many bands who have an official message board. Now I know why. I don't think there are many bands who pay for the privilege of a constant barrage of criticism of what they're currently doing. It's a shame it's gone, because it gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure.
By the way, one comment I read that did royally piss me off was about the tour log. It was something like he'll use it to justify including another shit song in the set. Thanks pal. I actually do this to give the people that are interested a snapshot of my life on the road, if you know you're going to slag it/me off, why read it? It baffles me sometimes.

Anyway, enough of this gay banter, I hear there's an unofficial MB up already, enjoy.

Adios amigos from Mexico, more later, suffice to say I love it here in Mexico, and I LOVE Neza!!!!!

The Bees will do it the hard way now, via the playoffs, YOU REDS!!!!!

Eduardos x

Don't forget, if you want to write to me, it's rhino@statusquo.co.uk

One more thing. Henry from Belfast died a few days ago. He was on the board as Fladdious Mcduff or Plastic Chicken when he wasn't banned, he was a tad shall we say outspoken. He'd been very ill for a long time, and was a massive fan of the band. R.I.P. Henry.

Pictures by Dave Coulson - www.coolcrafts.com.au
Except Rhino 'n Nuff and Rhino 'n Lloyd - by someone else.

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