simon_rr100_01 Good evening my Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, children under 4, Giraffes and anyone else that knows me. Wilkommen to the neus edition of meine Tour Loggen, or whatever it is in German. Hoorah, I've started so I shall finish. I just need to get my Freak on as they say in Popworld these days. What does it mean? Sexual connotations I'll be bound, shouldn't be allowed.

To be honest it's not a chore, it's just finding the time to log on up. I could be going down to the bar (not in a sexual way) and getting vewy vewy dwunk on wed wine in Middelfart in Denmark, which is where I is, as we had an early show but I donna wanna, I shall just get vewy vewy drunk in my room with cheap wed wine as is my wont. Moving swiftly on...

2015 has been a really special one for me so far. This is NOT a shameless plug for my new album, really. It's called Rhino's Revenge 2 incidentally. This is just to let anyone who reads my scribblings know what an amazing time I have had so far in 2015. This isn't wow, being a rock star is where it's at. It's kind of a culmination of being a father and a musician and being able to do something incredible with your kids (I refer you to the earlier set of brackets) which you never dreamt might happen. Unfortunately neither of them played for Brentford, so I had to take second best...

January 4th we loaded up a van and drove to the fantastic Chapel Studios near Louth in Lincolnshire, just me and my sons Max and Freddie. Loaded in and started recording on the 6th with Mike Paxman producing, the brilliant Sam Bell engineering and Guiseppe Joe Sage assisting. There next followed 11 days of pure magic for me, as Sam said to me one evening, he never thought he'd hear a musician saying "dad, what do you think of this drum fill?". However, that situation didn't last long because we just became the players on the record.

Added to that were the backing vocals provided by my beautiful daughter Mae, then we were joined by the original Gnarly geeser Matthew Starritt who put the icing on the cake with the backing vocals, the stunt bass, the trumpet and the very very Keef Richard guitar, love your work big time mate x. By the way, don't let anyone know he's also a better bass player than me. Mention in dispatches to Guiseppe, who kept the project going when the computer crashed, which it did on a regular basis.

Michael Victor Paxman is my bestest ever friend, (John Edwards aged 6 and a half there) and he kept the ball rolling perfectly. So what's not to like? Apart from the bill at the end of course... Whatever, I don't know any other musician who's had the good fortune to experience a situation like that, to say I'll never forget it is an understatement. Plus I love every note on the whole thing.

Anyway, the album will be released in some way shape or form around the time of the Quo fan club convention at Minehead at the beginning of October, which I've had the honour of being invited to play at. By the way, I think they should have called the convention a Quoverdose, dreadful pun, but if you're a well committed fan, isn't that what you want? I know I would.

Anyway, 6 weeks after recording the album, which is Rhino's Revenge 2 (OK, that one is a shameless plug, if you don't buy it you don't love your children-really) we went on tour, me and me posse-4 weeks around the UK and Europe, doing it the real Road Dog way... van, no crew, hotel every night, and travelling during the day.

That doesn't sound so bad, but I've become (I could have said gotten but that would be fookin' SHITE) so used to travelling through the night with Quo I'd forgotten how shit the traffic is everywhere in daytime, every journey took hours longer than it should. It was so pleasing for me to see the others were as knackered as I was, a kind of bizarre welcome to my world thingy.
Rhino's Revenge at the 100 club
Luckily da management of Mr. M. Hrano Plc had insisted on a driver for these journeys, and we had Mick the wise c... taking care of the miles. He was fucking brilliant, drove slow, set up the gear, sold the merch and never complained about anything. I know at the level of touring we were at that it wouldn't be difficult to find something to get upset about. He did not. Here at Revenge towers we love him. Unconditionally. And he's a skateboard legend, even bigger respect from me homies, whatever that means.

By the way, we had the pleasure of working with the excellent State of Quo on many of our UK shows, what a lovely group of people they are, do they love Quo or what? Unfortunately for them, Paul Carr, who plays Rick, was taken ill on the way to one of the shows we were supposed to be playing together. As they say, you couldn't make it up! Rick in a Quo tribute band has a heart attack! Paul, do what Rick's done, sort yourself out mate, give it up. That means give it up!

Anyway, that's enough of all that shit. Except that we're going to be doing some other shows at the end of October with the mighty country hard rockin Hayseed Dixie, can't wait for them, a real privilege for us. We'll also be doing a few stand alone gigs around that period, check out the Quo site,, and Rhino's Revenge on Facebook.

I'll cover the Aquostic tour and other Quo gigs soon, but as I said before, this is about my year and how it's panning out.
Good night from Middelfart peeps xxx

PS We are Rhino's Revenge!!!

Rhino's Revenge
Pictures from the 100 club
© Simon