Well, it's Friday so it must be Sweden, I'm at the airport hotel in Stockholm, which is handy, as we're waiting to fly to Edinburgh, where we're gigging tomorrow, the last show of this 5 week run. It's not been particularly taxing physically, but I think everyone's keen to get home, if only for a few days before Monaco next week, yah?

We've, more specifically me I suppose, had a pretty busy year so far, I've not really had a break, although that's the way I like it apparently when I look back at the diary.

Anyway, where was I?

Aquostic Rehearsals

I was only home from my tour for a few days when it was off to SW19 to start rehearsals for the Aquostic tour, that Freddie must be well sick of me, what with all the R****'* R****** stuff, how fab to get back to rock and roll civilisation, as in not setting up me own gear. We rehearsed for a long time for this tour, and it really paid off, we were much better prepared for this than the Roundhouse show. That said, we could have rehearsed for 6 weeks for the Roundhouse and it wouldn't have made any difference as it was such an unknown quantity. This time it was a more relaxed vibe, on and off stage, although you wouldn't have thought that backstage before the first night in Glasgow, lots of nerves around.

However, it went off without a hitch, although the Rev. Rock Parfait did make a couple of howlers. When it's with the live band we all tend to have a laugh at mistakes because we know where we are (sometimes). However, on this tour, as soon as you hear a mistake, you think to yourself "shit, was that me?" and when you realise it wasn't you hope we're still in the same spot as we ought to be in the sequence of the song as the string section are taking their cues by reading music. Posh huh? Status Quo with people that can read music! Whatever next? Plus which you can hear everything on these shows, (as opposed to the electric shows, which are basically sonic Armageddon) so any cock-ups are heard by all and sundry. But the good Mcfolk of Glasgow were fantastically appreciative, and of course every time I look across the stage there's one of the fruits of my loins playing the 'Strum of Destiny' as it was christened by Mr. Gregg Jackman. Fantastic.

We were doing well long soundchecks, which I hate, courtesy of Mike the slavedriver bastard Paxman, but again it paid off because Andy May (our fantastic front of house sound engineer) was able to work on the finer parts of the sound, some real attention to detail there.

On to Sheffield we trundled and the City Hall, a pretty quiet audience I have to admit after Glasgow, mind you who wouldn't be, but they were really listening and good 'do innit? Wolverhampton we were starting to settle into it, Getting to know the string players, what a nice bunch they are-except for that Howard, fancy supporting Aston Villa? Mind you they're going down this season I reckon, they'll be passing the mighty Brentford FC as we go up to the promised land.
Not that I'll go if they get to the Premier League, not my cup of tea.


I'm actually on the 'plane from Stockholm to Heathrow as I write, but I just thought I'd give my condolences and sympathies to any Australian readers on the truly pathetic performance in the first innings of the Trent Bridge test by their Cricket team. I felt so sorry for you as I rushed out and bought a magnum of Champagne to celebrate how they'd been nailed to the cross by the Pom they were calling a spoilt brat cheat not so long ago. I spared a thought for you all. And then I started laughing. And laughing. And then some more laughing.

I'm starting to move away from things now, I'll be back to Aquostic in a minute, just one more thing, we worked with Rob Zombie last night in Gavle, Sweden, fantastic he was too, watched from the side of the stage, but I'm sure it looked even better from the front.
Right, turning off now as we're landing in a mo, see you later. Byee! x

It's now Saturday morning and I'm in my very very posh hotel outside Edinburgh, Norton House hotel and Spa, in the Lomond room. Just turned on the Cricket, come on England! Nearly there!

Great gig at Wolverhampton, everyone on their feet by the end, then Portsmouth, boiling hot that one, and on to London, Hammersmith first, we were really up and running by then, best show of the Tour for me, after the Final show at the Albert Hall, we did something really out of character. We had an after show party! Great to actually say 'bye to all the extra musicians we'd been working with, what a lovely bunch of people, maybe we'll do it again sometime...

Right, bring the noise as my favourite metal band of the moment Anthrax sang. It's all the same, this music thing with the Status Quo, quiet or loud, works for me. Oh dear, Australia have just lost their 9th wicket. Champagne anyone? Not just yet.


After Aquostic, rehearsals were deafening! Missed that Freddie not being there, he's such a nice bloke with a razor sharp wit. I have no idea where that comes from.

Before we started gigging again we had the honour of performing at Horseguards parade for the VE day 70th anniversary concert of the end of World War 2, that was a great way to spend my birthday. I got to meet Robert Lindsay the actor, who is in one of the episodes of Extras, one of my favourite comedy series. When I told him how great he'd been he wasn't best pleased as it makes him out to be an asshole, he's quite a luvvie I suspect, but he did tell me his father didn't speak to him for a year afterwards!

Right, I'm off, England just regained the Ashes, so pass me that Moet and Chandon.

G'day mates xxxx

PS One more little thing for anyone who likes Cricket.
The Australian captain Michael Clarke has just announced his retirement and I listened to an interview. What a total gentleman he is. That's all.
I'm still off for a drink though.
Pictures - Rehearsals (top) by Mike Paxman, others by Christie Goodwin
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