2016 - Part 3 Malmaison

I'm in the Malmaison in Newcastle. My god, do they think the hotel is for partially sighted people so they don't have to bother with trivial stuff like lighting that helps you navigate from one side of the room to the other? I could be blind, or partially sighted, which I believe is the correct parlance, by the time I've finished this, not because of the other phallacy (ooh er missus) that might send you blind, this time I have just cause for complaint. It really is ridiculous folks, if you're ever going to be here for anything else than the purpose of bonking each other's brains out, forget it. It reminds me of Bill Hicks, "whoa we got ourselves a reader! Someone thayt needs layt in there rume! We don't like that kindo' person at this here Maylmaysaan! This place is for saayx onlee!" Great location, but fer fuck's sake, put some lights in the rooms!

Funnily enough, I think this may have been the location of one of Rick's, shall we say escapades, which saw him splashed all over the papers and prompted me to write the lyric to our song This Is Me, on the Party Ain't Over Yet album. I really like that one, it was in my book, as he might well say, telling it like it is. One day I'll put the demo up on line maybe, recorded when he was at a really low ebb after the adverse publicity, it's really fantastic, there was a vulnerable bloke still willing to emote. Maan...

Anyway, Richie. Actually, to interject, which I can as it's my log, I thought of something else, after Fred had gone home we travelled to our show in Leuven in Belgium via Genoa, and I went up in a Funicular as I'm quite partial to one and found myself in a church, as I often do. I usually light a few candles to remember folk, but then I bumped into the modern religious world. Electronic prayer candles! Put your Euro in the slot and one turns on! Jesus! Oops, dreadful misuse of words there, strange though.

After Freddie had gone (sob! Believe I was gutted, still am, after all blood's thicker than water) Richie arrived, and after 2 days rehearsal in Leuven up he stood, and did absolutely brilliantly, he's such a calm collected guy, probably from having 3 kids under 2, I can't imagine how that is, this must be a walk in the park after that!

Candles So, we continued, the show must go on, as indeed it did through the rest of the summer shows, and while it might be a contentious thing to say, I personally am really pleased the show went on and we didn't let anyone down. Spain was great, very very hot late shows, the posh ticket thing was a bit odd. If you don't know it means you pay lots more money for the front row, nothing to do with me, honest. in the Marbella show, where Lindsay, Tommy and Lily came to see us by the way, there was a woman in the front row who was on her mobile all the way through the gig, was a bit off putting I have to say.

It's just a bit odd, 15 rows back, especially in Tarragona the Billy were going mental, I couldn't help thinking quite often that Rick was a) missed and b) he was probably missing doing it, after all that's all he's done for the last 50 years, but, as he would say, it is what it is.

When we played at Scarlets rugby club in Wales I went walking. Big time. I got to the beach, and was walking along when I saw a blue plaque. It was where Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic had landed in 1928, that blew me away, really did, I was so thrilled to be there, imagining how she must have felt. I'm also such a huge fan of the Joni Mitchell eponymous song about her. Amelia

I went back to the gig, talked to the locals about how proud they must have been and none of them had even heard of her. I fear I am becoming an anachronism in these modern times, I don't really like the digital world, even though I'm part of it, I know it has real benefits, but I'm not sure I like it. By the way, I'm on my second bottle of Chianti, so whatever...

I did a very English thing when we played in Taunton, I went to the cricket. Watched Somerset versus Hampshire, and reet rivettin' it were too Ooo-arr, really great way to while away a few hours, and so English, dontcha know? Were you aware Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world? You are now.

One gig I wasn't happy with was the Chris Evans charity show we did. Great day. Squeeze were amazing,great players with fabulous songs, but the Feeling stole the show with an, as they say in the press, blistering set, they had the gorgeous Sophie Ellis Bexter doing a couple of numbers, and a serious few cover songs to end their set, we actually couldn't follow that if I'm honest. And that bassist is one fuckoff player, as is Paul the drummer, in fact all of them, great band. Oh, yes, and the fact it had loads of cars there.

By the way, I absolutely LOVE the Rolling Stones album, I think it is amazing, if you like Quo and you don't like Blue and Lonesome you're ill.

Anyway, as I intend to be done with all this in the next day or 2, I'll be coming at you tomorrow as well, if only this were radio, I'd be, as Peter Kay put it on Chorley Fm coming in your ear.
Freedom pass holder JV Edwards, approaching 63 and three quarters

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