2016 - Part 4

I'm still in Newcastle and writing yet another log, the last one was also from here, they're coming thick and fast, which is exactly what I is. I'm even running out of things to say, very unlike me, it makes you wonder how these columnists manage to churn out stuff day after day week after week.

Talking of the press, did anyone happen to see the Daily Mail/Daily Star the other day? RICK PARFITT SAVED BY DODGY KEBAB!!!! READ ALL ABOOT IT (aboot for our Canadian readers you understand). I mean, talk about never letting the facts get in the way of a good story!! It sure beats me.

Back to Newcastle, what an absolutely stunning nighttime view of the Tyne Bridges and the Sage theatre, I've given up the drugs now, but if I hadn't I'd have been standing looking for hours, say "Oh waat! Really special that" As was the Chianti last night I must say.

Aquostic Rehearsals So, after the summer noise it was time for some good old quiet rockin' mate (think Alan Freeman there), good to be back with everyone from the Aquostic team, after some practising we rocked up to the Union Chapel for a warm up gig for the Radio 2 Hyde Park festival two days later.

Am I glad we did a warm up, the 3 of us, Francis, Andrew and me were, shall we say, not exactly on top of our game, whereas the other 13 were, luckily. That's a bizarre statement that, lucky 13. I wore a new shirt for the occasion, Ted Baker I'll have you know. When I told my mum how much it cost, she couldn't believe it was for just one, then she accused me of pulling her leg, after that she thought I was totally bonkers paying that much for a shirt.

I thought I looked OK, until about 10 minutes into the set I noticed it was getting darker in the front and spreading. I then realised the sweat was rapidly becoming the main event, and before long I looked like I'd fallen into a puddle. I was really hesitant on the gig, nerves were kicking in big time.

Come the Hyde Park show, I asked how much it was costing us to do the 2 gigs, and when I got the answer I thought, whatever happens, if it's costing me that much to play I'm going to enjoy myself, even if it's wrong. I did make a couple of mistakes, but at least they were confident and wrong. I had a blast, there's a brilliant photo of the event in the tour programme, just right, huge crowd, gorgeous weather and you can't see much of me.

We dun dat, then it was back to the noise and Austria, Vienna and Klagenfurt, which has the most amazing keyboard museum. If you're ever in Klagenfurt, which I'm sure thousands of you will be I'd thoroughly recommend it, especially if you like keyboards, like all you old Quo fans eh? Me, I love them. You can't beat a cheesy synth sound I say. The most famous old synth, apart from the Moog is the Yamaha CS80. Did you know the CS stands for cheesy? Well you do now.

Hyde Park

We seem to be undergoing a surge in popularity in Austria, fantastic news. Anyway, on to the Hallenstadion in Zurich, only a year after the last time, the old set was still flying around in there when we arrived. Fantastic as ever, I'm told the Live Here Now CD was rockin'.

As a matter of no interest to anybody I had some Raclette, one of the traditional Swiss meals. Boring boring boring. Then Tilburg, the same venue as a year before as well, sadly Cradle of Filth weren't playing there this time round or I would definitely have bought a T-shirt.

Rhino pulling a pint Some days off, then Belfast and Dublin, great audiences for both shows, but as you can imagine the reaction in Dublin for Mr. Mallone junior was fantastic. He had a do afterwards in a local bar where I had the strangest conversation with a woman, who I shan't identify, I shall call her Dave, even though her name's Susan. Oops! Flaherty. Shit! Cat out of bag. She was telling me how gorgeous and cuddly Leon looks and I said, ah but you know his farts stink. Which of course they don't, we're rock stars for Gods sake!! "I like farts" was the reply. Now there's a comeback I've never heard before. Stuck for words I was, I mean what do you say? So do I? You're weird? Hold on, I'm just going to eat a can of beans?

Anyway, it was a great night, the Craic was good, I even came second in a Guinness pint pulling contest. There were only three of us though. Before the show I went walking, and saw a truly moving sculpture of a family during the Irish famine of the 1840s. Not moving literally. I'm being flippant there, poor taste. It almost moved me to tears. Did us English give the Irish some shit or what?

Then I went to the main Post office, and realised that the Easter Uprising of 1916 was based there, god that was an experience just being there. Then I saw a purse snatching, right in front of me, you don't realise how unready you are for something like that I reckon.

Right, I'm off for me tea, laters!!

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