2016 - Part 5


As Cammy the Morton fan emailed me, this is a bit like waiting for a bus, you wait ages and then 3 come along, I think this is 5 in 4 days! My fingers are killing me, what with all that a'pluckin' an'a singin' an' all dem apostrophes as well, I'm k'nackered'.

On the busses
On the busses -2
We just arrived in Liverpool and I'm writing this at the ungodly time of 10:53, how do you people get up early every morning? Mind you it was an early night for me, 2:25 when I climbed into my bunk. You get really used to sleeping in them, there's just a curtain between you and the aisle, but when you close it, somehow it feels very private.

One more sleep and then home. It's going to be weird for a couple of days, as it always is for me, even after 40 years on the road. It's not an anti climax, far from it (hur hur), it's just that I've been in a totally different headspace for a few weeks. As Francis says, around 8.30 or 9 at night for a good few days you get a bit pacy, your body is searching for it's charge. Which doing a show really is, I can never have a pee for at least a couple of hours after a gig, I don't even notice it but my brain and body are gearing up for the performance, everything tenses up and takes a while to relax afterwards.

I get the feeling there's going to be quite a few emotional people at our show tonight, as some of you won't be coming to the Aquostic shows next year. We missed a trick there, we could have had Last Night of the Electrics tissues for sale at the Merch, could have made a killing! Well folks, if you haven't already, take a look at statusquo.co.uk, there'll be a fix available for all you noise junkies somewhere next year. And if not, come and see Rhino's Revenge, for a reet rivettin' rockin' evenin'. Those apostrophes are killing me...

So, we trundled on to Germany, with our lovely touring mates the mighty URIAH HEEP LADIES AN' GENNELMEN!
We actually had been with them in Ireland, so all up and running on the technical front. We also met the weirdly wonderful German band DRDW, what a line up, rockman guitarist/vocalist, rockout drummer and accordian. Hmm... Lovely people that lot, Knew their beer in a big way. Worked really well though, they got the audience going a treat.

I watched the Heep every night, they're fantastic, one of my favourite, I suppose you might call them a classic hard rock band, they've influenced so many of the great prog metal acts of today like Iron Maiden, Styx, Dream Theatre, Queensryche, well I reckon they have anyway. There were some great Pod wars backstage after some of the shows where Russell and Dave from Heep and Richie and Leon arguing the toss about who was better than so and so or which drum fill was better than another, sounds dull but it wasn't, especially the alcohol consumption part of it, that was FULL ON.

Right, temporary intermission as I'm going to eat something. Signing off at 11.23 am.

I'm back after shopping in the bloodbath that is John Lewis, Liverpool 1 shopping area. All the same shops everywhere, is it only me? Is there less choice now than there used to be? Or maybe I'm just a moaner.

Anyway, Germany... I don't recall the Billy being as noisy as they were on that tour, we really seemed to go down well everywhere. Even Erfurt, which has not always been the most riotous of gigs for us. Funny, we had a day off in Oberhausen on the tour and I read today the German authorities have just arrested 2 people they've accused of planning an attack there. It's all the luck of the draw really, isn't it? They might have been able to commit an atrocity, could even have been at one of our shows, (before you say it, not my singing!) you just never know what's round the corner do you, probably best.

AB Apart from the gigs, my hobby is walking. The first day in Hamburg I went for my usual walk of about one to two hours in new boots. Twat. I had blisters on top of blisters. That was a) dumb and b) really boring. I could barely walk for nearly 2 weeks.

Magdeburg has a wacky concept house by a chap called Hundertwasser, lovely glass of Gluewein mit Rhum, delicious in the cold weather, the Germans know how to enjoy the cold they do. I'm surprised how many Macdonalds there are in Germany with all the fine fast food on offer, still it's the same in France. I went to stay with a friend just outside Paris a couple of years ago and in the evening all that was open for food were Kebabs and Pizzas.

That's all for now folks in Germany, I'm really cracking through it here, however it's much more difficult to illustrate these Logs, how many times over the years have the credits read photos by Gert Ohlsson or photos by Simon Cooper? Poor Simon, a real fighter he was, his family are such lovely people, I can't imagine how tough it must be for them at this time of year.

I've seen Rick a few times by the way, but he's back in Spain now so we're not seeing so much of each other. He's totally vibed up by what he's writing for his album, I'm really looking forward to hearing it, as I'm sure many others are.

At the footy So, our final UK Electric tour, with the Lounge Kittens and REO Speedwagon. I only found out what an REO speedwagon is last year when I was at the Black Country Museum (money well spent I can assure you). It's a lorry, I just found out it's an American company, they also built them over here, it's a really dinky little thing. What a nice bunch of people they are, band and crew, their stage show looks amazing and they sound very big and powerful, Brian the drummer is fantastic in my opinion. He also played with Huang Chung, remember that name? Dance hall days was their biggie if I remember. Of course Keep on loving you brings the house down every night.

The Lounge Kittens are very melodic and very tight, it's no easy task third on the bill for Quo but they do a great job, again lovely people.

A happy tour, a lot of the crew we pick up for tours, catering, lights and sound really look forward to doing Quo, no ego issues.

Neph, Richie and myself, with various drivers caterers and merch bloke, the lovely Magoo went to watch Manchester City versus the Gooners ( Arsenal) and had the VIP package. We met Andy Serkis, the actor who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings, he introduced the band who were playing in the Fanzone in Gollum's voice, sitting next to me, amazing. Did you see him in the Ian Drury film, he was great in that as well.

Met some of football's great and good, all in a all a spiffing day, and HEATED SEATS! What is it coming to eh? Where's the fun in not freezing or getting soaked at a game? Jumpers for goalposts, big Ron calling footballers N******, ah the good old days...

You know it's kind of funny, about something completely different, I have no fear of singing, it was well weird the first time I heard my voice echoing round an auditorium, but I've really pleasantly surprised myself, I'm not the best vocalist ever, but I hit the right note. In the end.

Right, I'm stopping now. I'll add a little postscript after we come off stage, and then after 18 years I'm outta here.

Well, that was an event, lorralorralov in da room, bizarrely yours truly played the worst of the tour, but that doesn't matter as long as the Billy liked it.

Two people to especially thank for letting us continue to play are Freddie Edwards and Richie Mallone, without them we couldn't have done it. And of course everyone associated with the band, thanks for making it so for the best fans any band could ever have.

Truly. I don't know what the future holds for Status Quo, whether it's with Rick or not, only time will tell, watch this space.

It's been a journey maan, not just for me but a lot of us, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

... and of course - HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL! XX

... and its good night from them

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