Rhino! Ok, it hasn’t exactly gone according to plan, this bit of the tour. I’m in Frankfurt, actually near Frankfurt, with another life lost of my nine, if that’s what we have. I was coming back from town today when I walked out into a busy road looking the wrong way. I could have been killed, seriously, 20 seconds earlier and I wouldn’t have been sitting here writing this. Now that’s what you call putting it all in perspective.

Weirdly, the original 9 lives man, the Reverend Rock Parfait has bizarrely just come on my Itunes with the demo of Bella Vista man while I’m writing this. Next, I have the solo album from Phil Lanzon of the mighty Heep on, it’s a real feat of Prog rock. I like Prog, Metal, Folk, Blues, Soul, Gospel, a teensy weensy bit of Jazz, anything but Boogie. Don’t give me that 12 bar shite.. I’ll give you snapshots of what’s on my Itunes, I don’t do Spotify myself, I’m sure it’s great but I like to really investigate stuff instead of making a snap judgement, which it’s easy to do. Belly of the beast by Anthrax live at the minute by the way.

This isn’t how it were supposed to be, but Francis is really unwell, poor bloke, we all hate cancelling shows. It’s why we’re here, not to cancel shows but to do them.

I went to a gallery in Frankfurt today (yah?) and now I can tell me Matisse from me Bonnard (double yah?) but I’d rather be in Baden Baden getting ready to play. We’ll see what happens. If the next show’s remotely doable we’re there. I also revisited the Hammer museum today, that’s the kind of rocker I am.

Before I start my shit, I’d like to tell you of a book that’s out there, I believe you can buy it through FTMO. It’s called 4500 gigs, by Andy Flemmings, if you are, or know a Quo fan you really ought to buy it for them for Christmas. And no, I’m not on a percentage. It’s a fantastic must-have, I started to read it, for 5 minutes I thought, it was actually 2 hours, trust me you’ll love it, it’s exhaustively researched. The ultimate Gigography of the Status Quo.Andy, you really ought to get out more, but well done, it’s reet rivettin’.

Earnest Ranglin now on me stereo innit, Below the Bassline it’s called.

Right, this is why all 3 of you read this. Next was 5 Aquostic shows, actually Eminem Rap god is on me Bose speaker (please sponsor me Bose, I love you all), I’ve had to turn him off while I write, other wise I’ll get all aggressive and unnecessary.

Rhino in the cupboard So, a nice Sssh and here we go:
Inverness, beautiful town it is as well, playing a sports hall, which is not always the best place for a show, acoustic or otherwise, but a great evening was had, Burning Bridges in particular got everyone up and a boppin’. York Barbican next apparently they’ve spent a fortune on it but I couldn’t tell you where, it looked exactly the same to me as when we last played there, which was about 1912 or something. Good fun, then it was box ticking time. On to Glastonbury! Fourth time for me, 2nd time with Quo. Backstage was, shall we say, a tad rudimentary, but the show, which was in a tent, was a real stormer, there was a LOT of people there to watch us, and it went really well. So well it gave Francis laryngitis in fact, unfortunately we had to rearrange the Naarch (Norwich) show.

But it was then on to Barcelona Opera house, oh poor Johnny having to play there. I actually had a 3 day holiday before the gig, one of the things I did was visit the Sagrada Familia. I’ve been there before but not for a long time, it made me cry it’s so wonderful. For me it’s not about any one religion, although it’s a Catholic Cathedral, it’s just the most spiritual place I have ever been to, so uplifting, and what imagination in the architecture. Gaudi loved his nature, which is there for all to see in the edifice, such an awesome place, and I don’t use the word lightly.

We then played the Opera house, fantastic show, I actually got lost backstage for about 40 minutes, it is MASSIVE there, but what a buzz. And then to spoil it all we played a sold out Albert hall. What a shit week.

Back to Germany for 5 shows, 2 with Zed Zed top, that’s a great ticket I reckon. We do our thing, they do theirs. Sorry, just had had to laugh at Eminem, something like, I woke up in a hotel in Monte Carlo with a Kardashian, must have set the bar low. That man’s a genius in my book.

We had a day off in Monchengladbach, wow, that’s a bit of a dump, not many in Germany, but that’s definitely one of ‘em. Although there were lots of Billy at the gig, we really stormed that one. Anyway, I’m off to the bus for beans on toast so bugger off all of you.

John Victor Edwards, 64 and a half x


P.S. Well, that was a total bummer. Francis was struggling on the rehearsal in Berlin for the second part of the German Aquostic tour, the day before the scheduled performance, but we all thought we could make it happen. Come show day,it became apparent he couldn’t, his chest sounded like a penny whistle with all the wheezing, big chest infection there. We hoped he’d be Ok by the Stuttgart gig, but at soundcheck we all knew it wasn’t going to happen. He tried his total best, this band is full of Troupers, but it wasn’t to be, sometimes you have to think of your health, especially when you’re knocking on a bit, as 3 out of the 5 of us are.

So, massive sorry from all of us to all of you that were disappointed, rest assured we’re at least as gutted as you.

So, my traditional Christmas Queens speech, so to speak, is a bit previous, sort of coitus interruptus, whatever that means. What it means is I shall finish my cack at some stage next year. In closing, as clever peepel rite, I did an FTMO interview a few weeks ago. One of the questions I was asked was about Rick, so I thought I’d paste in to this bit of my Blog:

Do you have a Christmas message for the fans? - given that it is going to be a tough one for some?

He picked his time, didn’t he? We’ll all remember him at Christmas, but he’d want to be remembered  like a song wot he rote: It’s Christmas time it’s Christmas time,  stand up stand up, raise a glass of wine, and let yourself go, underneath the mistletoe. That’s what the one and only Reverend Rock Parfait would have wanted I reckon, so Merry Christmas, one and all x

And what more is there to say? Apart from see you all out there somewhere. I now have unfinished business wiv me log, so hasta la vista baby, Oi’ll be back. xx

Quo in Oz

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