Busses Wotcha! Like a bad penny I keep coming back. I was talking to the kids (Richie and Leon) last night and we agreed that we don’t do enough Sowchal Meedya, so I’ve decided to resurrect my Log so to speak. Last year, as you may recall, ended on something of an anticlimax, so we’re going to make up for that, oh yes we are, with climax after climax. Someone’s going to end up with a face like a plasterer’s radio, I can tell you, and it won’t be me, oh nosiree.

So it’s business as usual, except it isn’t. We’re only doing 31 shows this year, that’s the way it is folks, so if you haven’t bought tickets for this year you’re going to be out of luck quite soon.

We’ve not been idle though, there are 2 Quo albums out this year, one from Wacken (the loud one) and one from the Albert hall (the quiet one), we’re in the middle of another studio album, more of which later.

I’ve done 20 odd shows with Rhino’s Revenge, I don’t mean they were odd by the way, I just don’t know the exact number, and, hold the front page, I’m going to record the long unawaited follow up to my last thousand seller in time for a tour next April. Apart from my Christmas shows in the UK in December. By the way, I make that the nearest thing to a Quo gig you’re going to get in December, so come and give us a shout, it’s all at rhinosrevenge.com

Back to Quo, we thought it was about time we changed it around a bit, so next year the Christmas tour will start on July 7th, and festivals on January 17th. I don’t know why I wrote that by the way, it’s probably because I can. I’m sure both my readers will cut me some slack there.

Isn’t it funny, you go to a place on holiday, or work for that matter, you really enjoy your experience and buy a memento, or some food to take home for everyone to try, you know what I mean. I recall playing in Greece with the Climax Blues Band around 1984, when I used to smoke. I had a fantastic 3 days, got into the wine, food, and fags, which were unbelievably cheap. I thought, “this is my new brand” and before I left I bought 2 thousand of them, for 2 quid probably. Got home, had 5 drags of one, threw the rest away. Disgusting. It’s just what happened in Holland, at a town called Raalte, where we played the Ribs n’ Blues festival. I had this local cheese, quite spicy, amazing, bought over a kilo. Anyone want to buy over a kilo of very old Dutch cheese? Going cheap...
In a tent I believe the gig was, well hot and sweaty.  My birthday as well I think. It’s so weird, I’m a PENSIONER!!! AAGH!! You can tell you don’t look 25 anymore when a) you don’t exist to anyone under 40 you pass in the street and b) when you tell people you’re 65 they don’t register any surprise. So I’m going to tell people I’m 74, that ought to work for part b. If it doesn’t I’m in the shite.

Next up, the Canary Islands, well Tenerife and Gran Canaria to be precise. I’d heard Tenerife was a bit crap for want of a better word, but we played in Santa Cruz the capital and it were bloody gorgeous lad. I’m going to take ‘er behind the doors there for a holiday, it’s that nice. We did Backwater and Mystery song on the gig. I’m afraid to say I got the words to Backwater so wrong I could have been singing I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts (which I have), sorry about that. I think it was nerves, really.

The people weren’t allowed to stand up at the front, which was a real drag, you pay extra money to rattle yer jewellery it seems to me, but that’s the name of the game nowadays unfortunately. The Gran Canaria gig was a much more raucous affair, the billy were allowed to get up, it’s always better to have people standing. Mind you, I appreciate a fair number of our fans would prefer to sit nowadays! Not me, I go to the football and stand behind the goal, but this may well be the last season, a seat for even Twickenham’s tattiest toerag beckons.

We’re in Denmark by the way on a day off. This stuff came out of the sky for a few minutes today, I believe it’s called rain. This whole summer has been amazing weather wise for us, but it makes it seriously energy sapping. We played in France a couple of days ago and it was so hot Richie spontaneously combusted on stage. It’s OK though, we saved a swab of his DNA and have the first Hologram you can touch standing in for him, you won’t be able to tell the difference. How can someone of 65 be so stupid? I do not know.

Anyway, I’m totally contradicting the last bit about rain, because it did actually rain in at the next show, in Switzerland, a nice festival near Laon if I remember. A great young Australian girl singer followed us, she was really really good, and I have no idea of her name. She was good though, as I said.
Korbs and Pea Soup
On to Germany, a gig in Aurich, a lovely town but I don’t remember the show sadly, but here’s a photo of the pea soup I had in the Market during the day. Then a fab day at the beach in Busum, right up the North, with the sea for the backdrop of the performance.

The Germans have these beach seats, they’re called Strand Korbs, see pic. There were so many of them it made the beach look like a weird planet surface, well it did to me anyway, bizarre. Great gig, what’s not to like, amazing backdrop, loads of lovely Germans, and Bratwurst. Say no more squire... Which is what I’m going to do for now, I’m off to a Band Bus Barbie (not the doll). Speak on tomozz, LOL xx

Morning! I just heard that Insurance companies have just put out a statement that if your tent is stolen, you won’t be covered.

Last night was a good crack, after the barbie we even found a pool table and a table football machine in the hotel, oh yes we know how to live it up!

That heady entertainment was after a big crossword session (see above), are we wild or what?

Next up, lovely city of Brno, in the Czech republic, we hadn’t been there since the 90s. It’s still quite foreign, if you get me. Of course there’s the Golden arches of Mac******’s, and quite a few other, as they say, retail giants, but it still felt like I was in somewhere with different traditions. Nice. Seriously sweaty gig, I seem to recall Lee from Australia was there with wife Kylee, they get around those two, they were in Tenerife as well. I think I can safely say they’ve they’ve got the Quo bug. As has Eva from Israel, who I believe was there as well. Really great response from the Moravian Billy. You don’t really know what to expect from audiences in different countries after a while away, but final score Quo 7 Brno 0.

Most of the Modernist movement of architecture started in this area (I think), there are some amazing buildings here, this is the inside of a bank, I can’t do good photography, but it was gorgeous. Oh look, just go there ok? What a world cup, eh? More of that later. Except, and of course I shan’t mention it again, but I was in Germany when they were beaten 2-0 by South Korea. Aah...

Next, a biker festival in Wroclaw, Poland. I seem to recall a very tired and emotional Mr. Alan Crook in the crowd.

Pamplona. Wow! Fantastic place, I’d never been before. We arrived and there was a wedding party in full swing. Except it wasn’t. Pretty much all the guests were in the bar watching Spain play Portugal in the World cup. It was Spain versus Ronaldo, and when he equalised to make it 3-3 (the final score for those that want to know) you could have heard a pin drop. Except from me. Get in! It was a great goal, and I think a lot of people disliked me intensely instantly, but that’s football. Happens to me all the time anyway.

Pampolona is a beautiful city, which also boasts the first cathedral stop on the Campino, which is a massive pilgrim’s walk of about 700 miles. Each to their own, and apparently it’s an amazing experience.I don’t get one thing about this place (Pamplona) though. Why the running of the bulls? I went to the Bullring to get the “experience” of it through an immersive film. It’s disgusting. The poor bulls are frightened witless, they’re falling on top of each other, and as for you idiots that do the running, you can imagine how much sympathy I have for you if you get gored. The sooner they stop this barbaric insult to noble creatures the better. And the bullfighting. Idiotioc as well.

No point in me going on about it, just that people have a right to vent their spleen, consider my spleen well vented signors y signoras.
Playing outside with the mighty Heep, who were as great as ever, in fact it was the best sound I’ve heard from them, really fantastic. The bass sounded like a Howitzer and they were on top form. Great night. I got it wrong chronologically by the way, Poland was actually after Spain, but you know what? I don’t care. That’s how radical I am.

On to a brilliant gig in a tent near Freiburg. They get it right the Germans. Massive screen, where they were playing Sweden in the World cup. We went on directly after the game, which the Germans won in the last 2 minutes I think. Storming gig, can you imagine how it would have been if they’d lost? I was in Ulm in Germany on a few days off when England beat Panama 6-1, and did I tell you I was also in Ulm when South Korea beat Germany 2-0 and one of the pre tournament favourites crashed out of the World cup at the group stage? I’m not sure if I did.

On to Austria, fast becoming one of my favourite countries,not least because of the Sauvignon Blanc. 2 festivals, both with Eric Burdon, he’s not my cup of tea, but he’s very big (not physically, he’s tiny) in Austria and Jimmy Cliff, definitely not to my taste. I really didn’t like it at all. I watched, and while I didn’t think I would, loved Ten Years After. However, when they played Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, I thought it was a tad, shall I say, risque? So here are some of the lyrics (and I quote): Good morning little schoolgirl, can I go home with you? Baby I want to ball ya, all night long. Tell your mama and your papa, baby doing nothing wrong child. Hmm. I think of its time is the best way to describe those words. Manfred Mann’s Earth band on as well, my other favourite team to work with.

I know this all sounds a bit jolly hockeysticks and all that by the way, but that’s because we’re having a really good time, great gigs and we’re getting on famously. Except that I hate them all, but don’t let them know.

Anyway, go away, I’m bored.

Edwards John. Pensioner.  

Bye Bye

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