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  • " It's time to save the Quo from their image as real-life Spinal Tap and reclaim them as one of Britain's great bands"... "The stripped-back approach suits Status Quo's songs because they are, in their own unpretentious way, perfect pop constructions." - The Times
  • "It's fresh and full of charm" - Guitar & Bass
  • "This unplugged compendium of hits and beloved album tracks not only survives the songs' sparse makeovers, it dares even to improve many of them" - Classic Rock (Album Review)
  • "It was triumphant... It works. Brilliantly. Quo acoustic? It's no gimmick." - Classic Rock (Roundhouse Gig Review)
  • "If you haven't bought a new Quo album in a while, this is the one to get" - Sunday Express
  • "Helps confirm their national treasure status" - The Sun
  • AQUOSTIC IS IN THE UK ALBUM CHART AT NO 27 FOR W/C 21st Dec. PREVIOUS POSITIONS WERE 5, 8, 14, 22, 29, 29, 32 and 29.
Aquostic - Live BBC R2

Available now in 2xCD, 2xVinyl, DVD &Blu-ray formats.

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Available now as a 4xCD Deluxe Edition Box and on digital formats, each boasting 35 live tracks!

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